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Marian Cote
High School Math Teacher, Canada

Study Pug is a great supplementary resource for students to reinforce the math they learn in class at home. The video lessons allow an easy review on previous topics.

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Vera Volkov
Parent of a grade 9 student, Vaughan Secondary, Toronto, ON

My husband and I do not know about the education in Canada so well. We looked for math tutors for our daughter but they are so expensive, and we don't know if they are good. You offer excellent math help for a very affordable price.

Sarah J. Kim
Grade 9 math student, Notre Dame, Calgary, AB

thanks Dennis, math is not so hard now. I don't think that was possible before I started using you. Before the year started, math was my most hated class. I don't understand a word my math teacher was saying! After signing up, I finally start understanding some stuff.. thanks and god bless.

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