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Sarah Jones
Year 7 maths student, Wollongong, Australia

Recently, one of my classmates had her maths marks improved quite significantly. I was curious about this and so I couldn't help asking her what happened. She told me about StudyPug. Once I joined, I saw some great maths videos which explain maths questions very well, along with many practice questions. Now, my classmate and I are the two best maths students in class.

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Sadie Martin
Year 11 maths student, Adelaide, South Australia (SA), Australia

Long maths class in school doesn't suit my learning style. Short and concise lesson is much better. That's why StudyPug works for me. It also covers everything that I need to know for my maths class and homework. It saves me from the trouble searching for help on the Internet.

Emma Duncan
Year 12 maths students, Sydney, Australia

Teachers at Study Pug make difficult maths questions easy! Their explanations of confusing concepts are clean and simple. Some of their tips for exams are one of a kind, which already helped me get good marks on a few quizzes and exams. I am not anxious about the HSC at all because when I have a maths problem, StudyPug has the maths answers. It makes my life easier!

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