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Our team of professional tutors with local experience is dedicated to helping you improve your English quickly. We provide flexible learning opportunities that follow the Ministry of Education’s standards and monthly assessments to help students identify weaknesses and overcome obstacles.

{"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/advantage1.png","name":"Learn from Certified tutors","description":"Our tutors are certified teachers with years of classroom experience. We will develop a personalized learning plan that will help your child improve, excel, and succeed.","background":"#f7c3c3","textColor":"#275182","width":375,"height":475,"picHeight":280,"attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/advantage2.png","name":"Follow Local English Curriculum","description":"Our curriculum follows the standards created by the Ministry of Education. We adopt these standards to fit your child’s needs, adapted for online or in-person learning, to develop positive learning habits and self-confidence.","background":"#f8ad66","textColor":"#275182","width":375,"height":475,"picHeight":280,"attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/advantage3.png","name":"Receive Monthly Assessments","description":"Parents receive monthly assessments from their tutors that highlight and analyze their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Our education consultants are dedicated to helping your child grow and plan ahead for future success. ","background":"#70877f","textColor":"#ececec","width":375,"height":475,"picHeight":280,"attributesForBlocks":[]}

StudyPug Learning’s Reading & Writing Class


Reading & Writing General

Course Features:This course explores varied and unique reading materials, from newspaper articles, blog posts, fictional texts, and more. Students will interact with the content through different learning methods and build an interest in writing. All of these skills create a solid foundation for students to advance their reading and writing capabilities.

Reading & Writing Advanced Class

Course Features:This course explores literary materials from poetry, nonfiction, short stories, and more. Students will analyze, critique, and develop their own ideas under the guidance of our professional tutors. In addition, students will hone their writing skills and learn how to develop arguments and express their thoughts.

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{"heads":["Make English Fun"],"texts":["Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring. Let your child fall in love with English with our fun and interactive courses that start with reading and writing."],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature1.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Explore Various Topics"],"texts":["Reading is an effective way to practice English. Our tutors engage students to explore the fun of reading with interesting content and subjects, expansive vocabulary, and different literary genres."],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature2.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Small Class Sizes"],"texts":["We believe small classes allow for enriching discussions and personal development. Our education consulting team, in cooperation with our tutors, provide students with personal learning services, assessments, and feedback so parents can stay updated on their child’s growth."],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature3.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["25 Years of Experience"],"texts":["Our team of professional tutors are certified teachers with years of experience. Tutors will develop","a personalized learning plan to ","help your child  improve,  excel,  and succeed.",""],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature4.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Millions of Trusted Users"],"texts":["We have served millions of students worldwide, designed personalized learning plans, provided effective education, and helped students achieve success and fulfill their goals. Our students continue to improve and develop their skills under our guidance."],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature5.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Technology-Based Education"],"texts":[" Trusted by Canadian school boards, our educational team is constantly updating our technology-based curriculum to adapt to local syllabus standards, which has also received critical acclaim by students and parents."],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/feature6.png","color":"#27476e","frontBackground":"#fcddbc","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
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{"review":"Very professional and very good teacher! My English is not good and I struggled to understand information in English. The teachers here have unique teaching methods and are very experienced. I learned a lot of different skills and knowledge! The course content is interesting and not boring. I really liked learning online. The customer service team is also very professional. Study hard!","reviewer":"Kevin, StudyPug Learning student","reviewGender":"G","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"review":"After comparing many English learning institutions, I decided to go with StudyPug Learning because the classes fit my child’s needs. In a short amount of time, she improved exponentially. The teachers are very experienced and the service team is conscientious and responsive. After a few lessons, my child started to enjoy English more and more. I would definitely StudyPug Learning!","reviewer":"Emma, parent of StudyPug Learning student","reviewGender":"B","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"review":"Very professional English teachers and a very professional service team! My child’s English is not very good but her tutor was able to make English fun and interesting. The classroom environment is good and the tutors are very friendly and flexible,","reviewer":"Lum, parent of StudyPug Learning student","reviewGender":"G","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
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