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Our tutors will help develop your skills in speaking and understanding the English language.

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English is the dominant language in the western world and a neccessity for students who want to study, work, or live in North America. Let us help you improve your English today!

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Our professional tutors will meet with your child twice a week and focus on aspects taught in the BC curriculum. Our sessions include assessments for students to test their understanding.

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Using online learning strategies, our tutors have developed effective lesson structures for your child to master English. Our tutors will provide learning support every step of the way.

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We Cover:

Lower Grades Grades 3 - 7

Master reading and writing skills early!

Upper Grades Grades 8 -12

Learn advanced skills and get ahead!
  • ELL Reading
  • ELL Writing
  • SSAT Reading
  • SSAT Synonyms & Analogies
  • SSAT Writing
  • AP English Literature & Composition
  • SAT Writing and Language

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Classes available in solo or group settings, online or in-person.

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ELL, English
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English made simple

Our years of experience in teaching and tutoring has allowed us to develop unique tips and tricks that make English language and literature much easier to learn.

Track your child's progress

To help you stay up-to-date with your child’s progress through the BC Curriculum, we’ll invite you to a bi-weekly parent-tutor meeting. These meetings will allow our tutors to break down your child’s performance, and inform you of ways in which you can support their learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our tutors will assess your child at the start to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and create a curriculum based on what they struggle with. Materials can include fiction or nonfiction passages, grammar worksheets, and others.

Our expert English tutors work with students at varying levels from ELL, SSAT, AP, SAT, and IELTS. We also provide introductory and advanced grammar lessons to accommodate all students and their needs.

We offer public speaking classes from expert speaking tutors if that is what you need help with. Our English tutoring is tailored for reading comprehension, grammar, and writing rather than speaking.

Students will be expected to show their English capabilities by typing online and doing any assigned work that the tutor provides. If the class is in-person, there is a chance that students will use a mixture of both typing and handwriting.

We provide 2 different classes at the general and advanced levels. English General is geared for students to build on their literary foundation, whereas English Intermediate uses slightly more challenging materials. Reading & Writing General encourages students to explore creative avenues, and Reading & Writing Advanced is more academic. Refer to our full class schedule for times and dates.

We have dedicated classes for different grade levels for reading. In the Story Arts Club, students will read a novel over several weeks and discuss the literary components, as well as learn literary techniques and devices.

You will receive the class link in an email. You can enter the class up to 50 minutes prior to troubleshoot your camera and microphone. If you have any questions, you can contact the StudyPug Learning customer service team for support.

We encourage our students to speak English, especially with English tutoring! However, if you require clarification in Chinese, please ask your tutor if they are comfortable to do so or they can provide simplified materials.


I got calculus help. Lessons are comprehensive and useful. Can’t complain, prices are low and iI got the score I wanted.
Eddy Eddy Wong
Thanks StudyPug! My sister got great improvement on her math and science. Great teachers!
Stephanie Stephanie Chen
Good tutoring for my kids. Follows our school's curriculum. Great math help.
Horatio Horatio Johnson
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