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Private School Applications

Submitting an application to a private school is not as simple as filling out forms and submitting materials - it requires effort of the entire applicant's family. There is no overnight success, and requires continuous short-term and long-term planning to achieve it.

StudyPug Learning’s planning expert is dedicated to advising families to help them formulate a clear path from start to finish and optimize applications and additional materials. Let us help you come up on top of the fierce competition of private school applications!

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University Applications

University applications are best planned in advance to ensure maximum success. Students need not only academic performance, but also extracurricular activities. Getting proper guidance now can lead to a successful future, as long as each step is taken with measurable consideration.

StudyPug Learning’s planning expert is dedicated to becoming your child’s exclusive academic advisor, and will help your child set realistic long-term academic and life goals based on their future plans. We will also carefully guide your child along every step of their journey and lead them to their success!

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Career Planning

Academic planning extends beyond entering university, and the time spent in post-secondary education is an important component for future employment opportunities and success in life.

StudyPug Learning’s career planning advisor will ensure that every student enters university smoothly and help them create and achieve realistic learning and career goals, according to their own plans. Our goal is to help students enrich themselves and acquire the necessary skills for future employment!

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Senior Academic Advising + North American Optimization

As a professional institution dedicated to tutoring students in the Greater Vancouver area for over 20 years, StudyPug Learning has a large number of experienced academic tutors to help students quickly improve their academic performance, meet academic requirements for applications, achieve high scores in SSAT, AP, and SAT, and earn desirable marks. We let students stand out in their studies!

Our team is committed to discovering the unique qualities that make up each student and working with them to create applications that best demonstrate their individual strengths. We believe that a mutual cooperation between the student and advisor will lead to unique applications that cannot be replicated, which will lead to success!

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We Cover:

Private School Applications

  1. Advising for top 3 prestigious private schools
  2. Advising for top 10 prestigious private schools

Canadian University Applications

  1. Advanced training
  2. Capstone projects
  3. Stress-free applications

American University Applications

  1. US university applications and Ivy League advising
  2. Advising for top 100 schools

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To help you stay up-to-date with your child's progress about their applications, we’ll invite you to parent-tutor meetings. This will allow our tutors to break down how your child is performing, what they are doing in the revision process, and what you can do to support their learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our consultants will work with you closely to make revisions to your application, connect you to extracurricular activities, and prepare you for interview components. Improvements and suggestions can vary for each student.

Our academic consultants provide guidance for private school, and Canadian and American university applications. We also offer career consultations for students to have a clearer idea of what they’d like to do in the future.

We sit with students and learn about their goals, objectives, and future career plans before drafting several pathways that they can take. We encourage students to begin early so they can spend their high school years preparing for their future with guidance. We recommend post-secondary programs, extracurriculars that will look impressive on applications, and suggestions for capstone projects.

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Through academic planning, students can gain confidence in their future career plans and ask questions they may have on how to attain lesser-known majors or programs. Students will also have a clearly defined roadmap to follow and a professional to turn to if they ever feel lost or stuck.

The main difference between the two applications is that Canadian universities focus mostly on grades, whereas American universities require essays, recommendations, and other written supplementary material. Our consultants will work closely with students to ensure their application writing fits other application trends while also standing out from others.

No, academic planning is only limited to applications and career planning. If students require additional assistance in academic subjects, we offer private tutoring and group classes.

Students will need to work closely with their academic consultant to make changes to their application and complete the assigned work before deadlines provided by the university. By cooperating together, students will have a polished application to send to universities.


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