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Our tutors will help develop your skills in speaking and understanding the English language.

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English is the dominant language in the western world and a neccessity for students who want to study, work, or live in North America. Start improving your English with a tutor today!

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Our talented team of English language tutors will have your children debate interesting topics, expand their vocabulary, and learn how to speak clearly. There will also be public speeches.

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Using developed online learning strategies, we’ll help your child develop their confidence with English by introducing simple steps toward fluent and complex speaking.

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We Cover:

Lower Grades Grades 3 - 7

Learn the basics and get regular practice!

Upper Grades Grades 8 -12

Prepare for university, interviews, and more!

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Classes available in solo or group settings, online or in-person.

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Simple speech hacks that get results

Our years of experience in teaching and tutoring has allowed us to develop unique tips and tricks that make learning the English language much easier.

Track your child's progress

To help you stay up-to-date with your child's speech progress, we'll invite you to a weekly parent-tutor meeting. These meetings will allow our tutors to break down how your child is performing, what they are covering in our public speaking program, and what you can do to support their development.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer both. Students who live in the Vancouver area are free to take physical classes at our Vancouver location. Tutors are also available online for students who live outside the city or prefer to learn in a safe environment at home.

We offer tutoring for a variety of math subjects from linear algebra, differential equations, statistics, calculus, and even AP and IB Math. Our tutors are experienced in every math subject to help students succeed.

Tutors will give students an assessment on the first class to assess their level. Tutors will create an assessment report based on the results and offer suggestions and recommendations.

Our tutors are professionally trained with experience in education and teaching in classrooms. Our tutors are skilled in accommodating students’ needs and giving them material that will help them improve. We also expect students to do assigned homework or other assignments given by tutors. By working together, students will see a significant change in their grades.

Of course, students are free to ask to change teachers at any time if they feel that the instructor’s teaching style does not match what they’re looking for. We work closely with our students to ensure our instructors deliver quality teaching.

Tutors provide monthly progress reports for parents and regular assessments for students. These reports are sent to parents at the start of every month.

You will receive an email with the Zoom link. Please login up to 30 minutes before the class to ensure your camera and microphone work. When the class is over, you can exit Zoom by clicking the “Leave Meeting” button on the Zoom toolbar.

Yes, our tutors are trained for different curricula across the country. We will design lessons in accordance to the requirements in your child’s school district to help them succeed.


If you are looking for tutors of high quality, this is the place to go.
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My daughter did so well last year after going to this tutoring centre. Definitely gonna encourage her to take more courses again in the future.
Jess Jess Wong
My cousin went to this tutoring centre and improved a lot. He aced all his courses in grade 12 and is going to UBC engineering this fall. Give it a try if you need help with school work.
Jimmy Jimmy James
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