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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, all our group classes can also be done in private 1-on-1 sessions with a tutor. We will do our best to accommodate a student’s needs.

After you've signed up, you will receive an email with a link that also includes the date and time. You will need to enter the course about 30 minutes prior to ensure that your microphone and video camera are working. Once the instructor has confirmed that all students are present, the class will begin. When finished, you can exit by closing the window.

No need to worry - even if the teacher cannot see or hear you, so long you are able to hear the teacher, you will be able to participate in the class. There is also a chat function for you to type inquiries or comments.

Our professional tutors have years of experience teaching their respective subjects and knows exactly how to help students excel. Tutors will also provide additional homework or assignments for students to show their understanding and develop their skills further. So long students are willing to do the assigned work and cooperate with their tutors, they will improve under our guidance.

Tutors provide monthly progress reports for parents and regular assessments for students. These reports are sent to parents at the start of every month.

Before the course begins, all students will take an assessment. Our teachers will place you in the right class if your level is too low or high for the class. If, any point during the course that the material is too easy or difficult for you, your teacher will move you accordingly.

There is a first class grace, where if you miss a class, you will not be charged for it. If you must cancel a class less than 24 hours before the class, you will still be charged for it. You can also make up any missed classes with your tutor.

Yes, our tutors are trained for different curricula across the country. We will design lessons in accordance to the requirements in your child’s school district to help them succeed.

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