University Planning

Plan for a successful academic career
with extracurricular activities
and exam consultations, for all grades!

Feeling overwhelmed? College applications don't happen overnight!

{"heads":["Don’t know where to start and afraid of missing out?"],"texts":["Are you worried about your child’s academic performance? Concerned about your child’s future college applications? Ready to start preparing as early as Grade 9? Feeling rushed for time?"],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/confuse.webp","frontBackground":"#c6c6c6","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Don’t know how to choose a school or major?"],"texts":["The universities you apply to and majors you choose are important milestones that must be decided early, but many students and parents do not know how to make these decisions How do you decide your future university and major?"],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/choose-schools-.webp","frontBackground":"#c6c6c6","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"heads":["Have limited time for an academic consultation?"],"texts":["Receive detailed information in a single session Create specific goals for your child to fulfill Consultations are flexible for both parents and students"],"img":"\/learning\/wp-content\/uploads\/sites\/2\/paperwork.webp","frontBackground":"#c6c6c6","backBackground":"#f8dadc","attributesForBlocks":[]}

Our step-by-step guide toward academic success

1. Academic Assessment

  • We determine your child’s strengths, learning style, habits, goals, and course suitability.

2. School Selection & Support

  • Match students with universities that fits their needs and interests.
  • Develop their goals and a roadmap to success.
  • Establish extracurriculars and feasible timelines.
  • Track application progress and deadlines.

3. Application Consultation & Review

  • Coordinate application and testing with our senior consultant.
  • Review documents such as transcripts, recommendation letters, essays.
  • Schedule off-campus competitions, AP or SAT exams, tutoring.

4. Interview Preparation

  • Receive guidance for online and in-person interviews.
  • Constant practice with standard interview questions and answers.

5. Admissions Confirmation & Transitions

  • Handle decisions such as routine tracking and waiting lists.
  • Advice on how to negotiate for last spots.

A plan for every step of your Child's education

Academic Planning Assessment Test

All Grades

  • APA-certified academic planning test
  • Used to develop a preliminary academic plan

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Early Planning Services

Grades 7 - 8

  • Receive an evaluation from our senior academic consultant
  • Create a dedicated academic plan based on interests and extracurriculars
  • Annual planning consultation for revisions and questions

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High School Planning Services

Grades 9 - 11

  • Start planning for university applications with our senior academic consultant
  • Receive guidance on language and academic improvement
  • Engage in comprehensive planning practices and counselling

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University Application Planning Services

Grade 12

  • Develop a personalized university application plan with our senior academic consultant
  • Comprehensive application revisions and intensive interview coaching
  • Receive full application supervision and future academic planning

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Our Students' Achievements

2021 - 2022 Student Acceptance Statistics

{"text":"Canadian University Admissions","textColor":"#ffffff","number":"68","numberSize":90,"numberColor":"#dddddd","background":"#e0924b","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"text":"American University Admissions","textColor":"#fbfbfb","number":"30","numberSize":90,"numberColor":"#dddddd","background":"#7bd5e1","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"text":"Private School Admissions","textColor":"#ffffff","number":"44","numberSize":90,"numberColor":"#dddddd","background":"#b78c5e","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"text":"University Scholarships","textColor":"#fbfbfb","number":"101","numberSize":90,"numberColor":"#dddddd","background":"#97484d","attributesForBlocks":[]}



{"review":"Very professional and very good teacher! My English is not good and I struggled to understand information in English. The teachers here have unique teaching methods and are very experienced. I learned a lot of different skills and knowledge! The course content is interesting and not boring. I really liked learning online. The customer service team is also very professional. Study hard!","reviewer":"Kevin, student","reviewGender":"B","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"review":"After comparing many English learning institutions, I decided to go with StudyPug Learning because the classes fit my child’s needs. In a short amount of time, she improved exponentially. The teachers are very experienced and the service team is conscientious and responsive. After a few lessons, my child started to enjoy English more and more. I would definitely StudyPug Learning!","reviewer":"Emma, parent","reviewGender":"G","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
{"review":"Very professional English teachers and a very professional service team! My child’s English is not very good but her tutor was able to make English fun and interesting. The classroom environment is good and the tutors are very friendly and flexible,","reviewer":"Lum, parent","reviewGender":"B","reviewRating":5,"reviewerFontColor":"#ffffff","attributesForBlocks":[]}
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