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  1. 1Understanding Numbers
    1. 1.1Place value
    2. 1.2Comparing and ordering numbers
    3. 1.3Rounding numbers
  2. 2Operations with Whole Numbers
    1. 2.1Introduction to exponents
    2. 2.2Greatest Common Factors (GCF)
    3. 2.3Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  3. 3Number Theory
    1. 3.1Divisibility Rules
    2. 3.2Prime factorization
    3. 3.3Determining Common Factors
    4. 3.4Determining Common Multiples
  4. 4Operations with Decimals
    1. 4.1Adding and subtracting decimals
    2. 4.2Multiplying decimals
    3. 4.3Dividing decimals
    4. 4.4Order of operations (BODMAS)
  5. 5Adding and Subtracting Fractions
    1. 5.1Using models to add and subtract fractions
    2. 5.2Adding fractions with like denominators
    3. 5.3Subtracting fractions with like denominators
    4. 5.4Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
    5. 5.5Adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  6. 6Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
    1. 6.1Multiplying fractions and whole numbers
    2. 6.2Dividing fractions with whole numbers
    3. 6.3Multiplying proper fractions
    4. 6.4Multiplying improper fractions and mixed numbers
    5. 6.5Dividing fractions and mixed numbers
    6. 6.6Applications of fraction operations
  7. 7Introduction to Ratios, Rates and Percentages
    1. 7.1Rates
    2. 7.2Representing percents
    3. 7.3Converting among decimals, fractions, and percents
    4. 7.4Percent of a number
    5. 7.5Applications of percents
    6. 7.6Taxes, discounts, tips and more
    7. 7.7Simple interest
  8. 8Measuring Systems
    1. 8.1Metric systems
    2. 8.2Imperial systems
    3. 8.3Conversions between metric and imperial systems
    4. 8.4Conversions involve squares and cubic
  9. 9Introduction to Variables and Expressions
    1. 9.1Evaluating algebraic expressions
  10. 10Angles, Lines and Transversals
    1. 10.1Pairs of lines and angles
    2. 10.2Parallel lines and transversals
    3. 10.3Parallel line proofs
    4. 10.4Perpendicular line proofs
  11. 11Properties of triangles
    1. 11.1Classifying Triangles
    2. 11.2Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
  12. 12Circles
    1. 12.1Circles and circumference
    2. 12.2Angles in a circle
    3. 12.3Arcs of a circle
    4. 12.4Areas and sectors of circles
  13. 13Symmetry and Surface Area
    1. 13.1Line symmetry
    2. 13.2Rotational symmetry and transformations
    3. 13.3Surface area of 3-dimensional shapes
  14. 14Surface Area of 3D Shapes
    1. 14.1Introduction to surface area of 3-dimensional shapes
    2. 14.2Nets of 3-dimensional shapes
    3. 14.3Surface area of prisms
    4. 14.4Surface area of cylinders
  15. 15Volume of 3D Shapes
    1. 15.1Introduction to volume
    2. 15.2Volume of prisms
    3. 15.3Volume of cylinders
    4. 15.4Word problems relating volume of prisms and cylinders
  16. 16Statistics
    1. 16.1Median and mode
    2. 16.2Mean
    3. 16.3Range and outliers
    4. 16.4Application of averages
  17. 17Introduction to Probability
    1. 17.1Introduction to probability
    2. 17.2Organizing outcomes
    3. 17.3Probability of independent events
    4. 17.4Comparing experimental and theoretical probability
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