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StudyPug is the complete homeschooling solution that is trusted by parents worldwide. We deliver a fully aligned curriculum with in-depth lessons and practice materials directly to your home.

A Better Homeschooling Choice

Comprehensive support to unlock your child's full potential

Math and science lessons by certified teachers

Aligned curriculum that is adaptable and fully customizable

Watch in-depth video lessons for every topic

Monitor your child's progression across all subjects

Lessons that engage and educate your child

1000s of practice questions to stretch and challenge

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential

Complete Coverage

StudyPug goes from elementary to college, with support for major university exams such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, SAT, Compass.  Your child will get complete end to end coverage that will ensure their life long success.

Aligned and Adaptive Curriculum

Our math courses follow your state or province's math and science curriculum. However, our adaptive curriculum updates according to the need of each student and parent. Whether it’s to move the learning a bit faster, or a few extra lessons to cover some missed topics, StudyPug’s curriculum can meet your child’s needs.

Designed for Homeschooling Families

StudyPug takes the load off teaching math and science. If you ever need additional support on a topic or want us to deliver an entire topic from start to finish, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also help you with homework and marking too. We have tonnes of practice questions, and our progress tracker will monitor your child’s performance.

Makes Homeschooling Easier

1000+ Topics

Complete math, stats, calculus, physics and chemistry help for students of all abilities.

750,000+ Students

Join the family and make your lessons more engaging.

10,000+ Resources

Supplement your classes with Exam style practice questions and worksheets.

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What You Get

 Access to unlimited math help

 Lessons from expert tutors

 Helpful examples for all topics

 Thousands of practice questions

Why StudyPug?

 A great tool for exam prep

 The perfect companion to studies

 Eliminates homework headaches

 Our students see better grades