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Just like your class or textbook, our complete help for Pre calculus includes topics such as Factoring trinomials, Simplifying exponents, Unit circle, Vectors, Complex numbers, Inverse functions, Logarithmic functions, and more. Learn the concepts with our video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest precalculus problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of precalculus practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Precalculus teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
My class is called Precalculus with limits. Which course should I sign up for?

Our Precalculus help covers all precalculus problems you need to know for you class. However, if you need help with limits/Calculus as well, check out our Calculus 1 help too. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all math help in all courses!

I use Larson Precalculus as my pre cal textbook. Is your Precalculus help the right course for me?

Most definitely! We cover all the topics you’ll find in your textbook. Other precalculus textbooks, such as Blitzer Precalculus and Glencoe Precalculus, we have all their materials covered too. Or, if you are taking 12th grade math, this is the right course for you as well.

I am taking CLEP pre calc test in 10 days, but I am so stuck on trig questions. Can this course help me?

Sure! We have a lot of trigonometry video lessons for you. They are all very concise. You should be able to clear up all the misconception on the topic quickly. Don’t forget to practice on the precalculus problems available on our site too.

What are the prerequisites for Pre-Calculus?

A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 2 or Geometry and after you mastered Precalculus, your follow up course should be either Calculus 1 or AP Calculus AB.

Customer Reviews
4.6 stars based on 13 total reviews
Jordan Willians

The precalc teacher at my high school is notorious for not being available for questions or help. I convinced my parents to hire a precalculus tutor. We ended up paying for StudyPug’s subscription after I tried it out for a week. I learned from the precalculus step-by-step examples that mirrored my precalculus textbook, and finally grasped precalc! I got the precalculus answers that I couldn't get from my teacher. I think my parents agree that StudyPug was money well spent!

Steven Dolan

I’m taking an adult course on precalculus right now. Having been out of school for a while now, I needed some way for me to get back into pre calculus. Being a tad older than everyone in my class also makes it hard for me to ask classmates for help. StudyPug precalculus tutors help me figure out homework answers and I find it easy to go home and revise whichever part of the lesson I had issues with. It’s accessible and clear, and I highly recommend it.

Paula Winter

I needed online pre-calculus math help and that’s exactly what I got after signing up for StudyPug. I’ve seen my friends getting precalculus formulas cheat sheet, workbooks and reference books prior to our exams, but I find that StudyPug pre-calculus tutoring service is all-in-one. I did my precalculus review through StudyPug and I beat my class’ average for the precalculus finals! Will continue to stay subscribed for the rest of my foreseeable math courses.

Jose Campos

I teach 12th grade math, focusing on precalculus. Sometimes I find that when questions are presented in different ways to my students, they falter since they don’t recognize how to apply what they know. StudyPug has been a useful way for my students to practice diverse precalculus problems. It’s also an affordable way for parents who are looking to get their kids to learn precalculus from quality precalculus tutors.

Andrea Blanc

I slacked off in precalculus during my first year at uni, trying to figure out a good balance between joining clubs and focusing on schoolwork. I found it really hard to catch up once I fell behind, and my precalculus textbook made no sense. How to pass precalculus became my major concern at that time. But then I found StudyPug. I got to revise classes I had missed and try out guided practice problems. Best of all, I could fit the pre-calculus tutoring videos into the times between my club meetings since I could access them anytime. Proud to say that I ended up passing my finals!

Jackson Bale

For the most part, I actually understand precalculus. It’s usually when it comes to the homework assignments that I run into problems. It’s no good having simple math textbook answers, and I knew I had to know the steps in order to pass my exams. StudyPug helped me understand math topics in a way that actually made it clear how it can be used in questions. I recommend StudyPug’s easy-to-follow precalc tutorials, whether it’s for revision or for learning new topics!

Roy Austin

I’m in a lot of competitions at school that takes me travelling. Unfortunately, it means I miss a lot of my pre-calculus classes. I love how StudyPug's pre-calculus tutors can be brought with me wherever I go, and I can find the same precalculus topics being covered in class on the site. I can also do precalclus practice problems online. The step-by-step walkthrough on question are clear as day which beats precalculus for dummies books by a large margin. It made catching up in class a lot easier!

Amy Lloyd

My brother is more concentrated with sports and we are encouraging him to get a decent grade to be able to have a sport scholarship on college. He is okay with his subjects except for math and our parents signed up an account at StudyPug for him to have an online accesss for a precalculus tutorial which helps him with get higher grades to qualify for scholarship!

Simone Hodges

I am usually independent even with difficult math topics at school. I have a 24/7 access to precalc textbook and precalc review worksheets at StudyPug which helps me a lot in solving homework answers.

Ernest Johnston

I took precalculus summer course for high school students last summer and I am now serving as a precalculus peer tutor at my school. I already hear questions like is precalculus hard? is precalculus easy? from my tutees. I actually had the same question back then because I was scared by the word calculus. Fortunately, I got help from StudyPug. It explains math questions as easy as possible. Now, when I am not able to answer a question from my tutees, I will point them to StudyPug.

George Xavier

I have been a teacher for a long time and I sometimes forgot how hard is precalculus for students. Therefore, I signed up for an account at StudyPug to get better ideas on how to help my students understand precalculus better. I also offer my students free precalculus review and I also use a copy of Precalculus for Dummies as a reference and my students understand the lessons well!

Janet Millard

Much to my parent's dismay, my brother failed his first exam on pre-calculus even though I got him the previous precalculus final exam with answers made by his teacher. So they signed him up for an account at StudyPug to help him be better and have access to precalculus tutorial, he improved immediately and now gets good grades!

Dana Wright

Hiring a private precalculus tutor can be expensive, but my son really needs help because the gap between normal math and calculus is huge. For instance, the precalculus circle questions are so different from the circle questions in the previous math classes. So I got him an account at StudyPug to have access to precalculus review lessons and help him understand precalculus and be more independent in dealing with math problems.

Precalculus Topics

We have plenty of free lessons for you to watch

Why StudyPug is your best Precalculus Tutor

Good job! You found the best Precalculus help! StudyPug precalc tutors are slightly different than the usual Precalculus tutors online, but we work really well, allow us to explain!

  • Our precalculus tutorials are extensive, which means that we address all different types of precalc questions that you may have. Whether it be precalculus with limits, vector precalculus, precalculus with trigonometry or any precalculus equations.
  • Our precalculus practice is available immediately after each precalculus lesson for you to apply your learnings, immediately.
  • Our step-by-step precalculus with trigonometry walkthrough help you understand any precalculus problem you may have.
  • Our precalc tutors don’t ever feel off. Their precalculus tutorials are always available to help you in precalc 24/7. You get consistent, high-quality precalc online course every time, all the time.
  • StudyPug’s precalculus help is unlimited. Meaning you get as much help on precalc as you want! No one is watching the clock!

Just like any other precalc help online — simply search for your precalculus problem. Be specific, look for the topic or the type of precalculus question that’s bothering you on your precalc homework. Our experienced precalc tutors will then walk you through the exact type of questions that’s been bothering you in your precalc course.

How to use StudyPug for Precalculus Help

Precalc Help with StudyPug is engineered for students who are at various level of learning precalculus. Think of us as a supercharged Precalculus online course that’s for Precalculus for dummies and also Precalculus for smart students (such as precalculus honors). We work with such a wide range of students because we break down our precalc lessons in the following way:

  • Short, and exceptionally easy to learn Precalculus Tutorials on each topic of your Precalculus syllabus.
  • We embed an precalculus concept introduction in each precalculus topic that helps you grasp the precalc concept.
  • Each of our precalc tutorials has a wide variety of precalculus step-by-step examples, the precalc walkthrough covers all the precalculus problem you will likely see in your precalc class.
  • Our on-the-ball precalculus teachers will also give you pretty awesome precalculus tips and tricks that you can use to solve your precalc problems faster. There’s also precalculus equations included with your precalculus lessons that you can readily access.
  • Then reinforce everything you just learned with immediate precalculus practice so you can reinforce that precalculus understanding in time for that big precalculus final exam!

Rest assured, better Precalculus Help beings right here, and today!

Use StudyPug to study for a Precalculus Test

Are you getting ready for a Precalculus Final Exam? Studying for CLEP Precalculus? Working on the Precalculus with limits chapter test? Or just doing a precalculus review? StudyPug has you covered! Let’s walk through some strategies in how StudyPug get you a better precalc mark that you deserve!

  • Use our search to find the topic for your precalculus review, or just browse through our complete precalculus topics.
  • If you are still struggling with the precalc concept, review the precalculus introduction tutorial. Before you look at other precalculus examples, it’s important that you understand what’s the underlying principles.
  • In most cases a precalculus concept is difficult to understand when you missed a previous topic in the precalculus syllabus. If you are finding that this particular precalculus lesson is not working out for you, look at its prerequisites topic. You likely missed a previous precalc, trigonometry concept.
  • When you understand the concept, review every different precalc examples we have for you. These precalculus trig examples are put in place specifically to cover the different type of limit precalc questions that you will see in your test. Think of it as your precalculus exam with answers, with step-by-step walkthroughs. Once you understand the nook and cranny of each question, you should be able to handle your next precalc quiz with ease!
  • Precalculus practice, as they say, precalculus practice makes for perfect precalculus marks! Once you watched the precalculus tutorials, don’t forget to embed the learnings deeper with our immediate precalculus practice.

With these precalculus studying strategies, ace that next final with ease!

Get Help on a Precalculus Problem or get Precalculus Homework Help

Stuck on a Vector precalculus homework problem? Confused about a topic on precalculus with trigonometry? Need to look up a pre calculus formula? Time for our precalculus help online to clear up your confusion!

  • Find the pre calculus topic that the question you have a precalc homework problem belongs to, use our search to find the right precalc topic, or just browse through the large list of precalculus topics that we cover.
  • Within the precalculus tutorial, find the type of question that your precalc problem belongs to.
  • Watch a step-by-step stats tutorial on this precalculus question. See how our Pre calculus teacher solve the question and his best stats tips and tricks!
  • If you are rusty on the pre calculus concept, watch the introduction to the topic for your pre calculus homework. Understanding the underlying precalc ideas are very important.

And there you go — quality precalculus homework help available for you 24/7.

Learn Precalculus with StudyPug

Wow! You just want to learn Pre calculus? StudyPug is your partner to understanding Precalculus, fast! We are a great learning app for Precalculus. StudyPug is Pre calculus for dummies, designed to be learned by anyone. Here’s why we are your best precalc on-line course.

Our Precalculus lessons are organized logically, from precalc trigonometry, to precalculus with limits. We start from the basic concept from the first chapter of our online precalc textbook, and proceed from there, with comprehensive precalculus notes each step of the way.

One suggestion is to just try out the precalculus practice available at each topic. If it’s not too hard, work through enough precalc questions to get two stars to track your progress and move on to the next precalc topic. However, if you have trouble with the topic, watch our introduction on the topic and our pre calculus tutorials, and repeat our practice.

We have a lot of background lessons, so if you are struggling with a topic, no need to worry, we will show you what you are missing and help you review those lessons instead. Our Pre calculus tutors provide you with the best possible precalc help!

Is Precalculus Hard? What is Precalculus?

Precalclus is not hard with StudyPug! According to Wikipedia, this is precalculus,

In mathematics education, precalculus is a course with university or high school level algebra and trigonometry that is designed to prepare students for the study of calculus. Schools often distinguish between algebra and trigonometry as two separate parts of the coursework.

Precalculus prepares students for calculus somewhat differently from the way that pre-algebra prepares students for algebra. While pre-algebra often has extensive coverage of basic algebraic concepts, precalculus courses might see only small amounts of calculus concepts, if at all, and often involves covering algebraic topics that might not have been given attention in earlier algebra courses. Some precalculus courses might differ with others in terms of content. For example, an honors-level course might spend more time on conic sections, Euclidean vectors, and other topics needed for calculus, used in fields such as medicine or engineering. A college preparatory class might focus on topics used in business-related careers, such as matrices, or power functions.

While this may sound like a mouthful, the practice and learning of pre calculus is not difficult once your StudyPug precalculus tutor break down your precalc class into small, bite sized chunk of precalc help. Student just do better on Precalculus with StudyPug!

Compatible precalculus textbooks

While we are your best precalculus book, many students have used StudyPug with different precalculus textbook & pdf. Based on student feedback, here are a few popular ones:

  • Precalculus with limits pdf
  • Slader precalculus with limits
  • Precalculus graphical numerical algebraic
  • Precalculus mathematics for calculus 7th edition pdf
  • Precalculus with limits a graphing approach pdf
  • Blitzer precalculus
  • Precalculus for dummies
  • Larson precalculus with limits

StudyPug is compatible with all common-core Precalculus textbooks.

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Nicola Henderson
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Juan Soto
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I need calculus to fulfill my degree requirement, so I wanted to review my high school precalculus before I actually take the course in college. You guys are so much affordable and better than my other math tutors! You have covered everything I need to know before I spend the big bucks on the course!
Testimonial: Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
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I like to do my things online. The same goes for studying. I feel more productive and motivated reading course material on computer screen. Your set-up is perfect for my preference. I can watch the videos to prepare for tests instead of reading textbooks. That’s the best part of using StudyPug.
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