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Get better math marks with our complete Geometry help, whether it’s Geometry common core standards, Geometry EOC, or EngageNY Geometry (Regents Examination). We've got you covered!

Keeping with your class or textbook, our thorough help for Geometry includes topics such as Similar triangles, Geometry proofs, right triangle trigonometry, 3D shapes, Triangle geometry, Midpoint, Surface area of circles, Translations, and more. Learn the concepts with our video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest geometry problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of geometry practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Geometry teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
My Geometry textbook is by McDougal Littell. Can your geometry course help?

Of course! We cover all the topics in your textbook. Our geometry class also contains help on all materials you will find in other common textbooks, such as Holt McDougal Geometry, Glencoe Geometry, Prentice Hall Geometry, and Pearson textbook.

I am taking high school geometry. How do I know if this course is relevant to what I am learning from school?

We follow the Geometry common core standards closely when designing the course. Therefore, you will be able to find the geometry help on any topics which are taught in your school.

What are the prerequisites for Geometry?

Course taken before this class is either Algebra 1 or Basic Algebra and after you mastered Geometry, you can follow up with courses like Algebra 2 or Trigonometry.

Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 13 total reviews
Lucas Rowe

I’m so happy with this site! I got an A with StudyPug’s geometry help! Really love the examples and it’s easier to understand than my geometry textbook. The geometry tutors on the site are fabulous! Concepts like law of detachment geometry, and equidistant definition geometry wouldn’t be that easy to understand without the awesome tutors here!

Amanda Neill

I can’t recommend StudyPug geometry tutorials enough to other parents whose children aren’t the strongest at math! The geometry textbook can only help so much when my daughter doesn’t understand how to go through high school geometry problems. Even some online textbooks like geometry couldn’t offer much help. Now, I’ve seen her review topics that she didn’t quite grasp at school straight from StudyPug. It’s a relief that I can provide her with simple and affordable geometry tutoring, but does wonders for her geometry marks!

Joan Everling

Geometric shapes didn’t come easily to my son and although he did fine in most subjects in math, he struggled with geometry problems. So I decided to hire a geometry tutor for him. I’m glad that we found StudyPug and he often has it open when he’s doing his geometry homework to accompany his textbook. He’s also able to get help right at home!

Richard Long

I actually understand geometric shapes now! How to define congruent triangles, proving them... that’s just the beginning of what I’m able to do now thanks to their geometry tutors! It’s crazy because I went from a C to an A. It's C to A! This is just like geometry for dummies. Even a bad math student like myself can be saved. Thanks StudyPug!

Stella S.

My son chose to take StudyPug over his summer for geometry class last year rather than us enrolling him in summer school. We weren’t sure if this would turn out badly, but we gave it a try. He went through “what is geometry” before school started and did wonderfully through the rest of his school year. He also found it to be a lot more flexible since he could learn geometry all from home at his own pace and time. We’ll be going with StudyPug again this summer!

Patrick Tucker

I was looking around online before my test for geometric math problems and I found this place. I’m so glad my mom got me a subscription to StudyPug! Using it as my geometry tutor before all my tests now!

Terry Berger

This place is way easier to understand than my geometry textbook because they offer geometry step-by-step solutions to different types of questions here. For example, they provide multiple examples on what does postulate mean in geometry. I think the teachers here are very good and I can try lots of practice problems too. Online geometry tutoring is also way better than gnawing at a geometry textbook!

Jamie Suther

I tried StudyPug’s free trial to help me with geometry review and get good grades when school starts. I asked my parents to sign me up for an account because the lessons are clearer and it helps a lot on my preparation for review. With the help of StudyPug and slader geometry workbook, I believe my geometry score will keep improving.

Rich Graham

My brother despises 10th grade geometry and my parents have decided to set a StudyPug account for him and take take a geometry tutoring lessons on it this summer, and I think it will be beneficial for him because it helped get me excellent grades during high school and even now that I am in college!

Luna Brown

I always find geometry terms really confusing and the geometry book we use at class is not of help. There is no way I can understand concepts like how to define chord in geometry without other help. My mom found StudyPug and I took their free trial and I now have an account. I can now learn geometry tutoring lessons by myself and in just a week, my understanding of geometry improved!

Jeffery Simons

When I need help on geometry questions, I used to go to geometry page for answers. That changed after my friend told me about StudyPug. The videos lessons on both sites are awesome. However, I like StudyPug better because I can actually see the teachers in the video, which makes the whole experience more engaging. How I have two go-to places for geometry help.

Jason Y.

In geometry, students need to understand and memorize so many postulates and definitions to proof lines and other geometric shapes. For instance, segment addition postulate definition geometry, straight angle geometry definition, hypotenuse definition geometry. As an owner of a tutoring center, I saw so many tutors had no idea on how to explain those postulates and make them interesting for the students. In this case, I always tell the tutors to learn how the teachers in StudyPug handle this topic. The tutors is positive to my suggestion, and students are happy with what they learn from the tutors. Good job, StudyPug.

Jojo Bynes

I am now in 10th grade and taking geometry class. We are now on the Congruence topics such as, how to define congruent in geometry, and how to proof congruent in geometry. To help me practice, my dad signed me up for StudyPug. I can now take lessons and answer triangle congruence worksheet to test my skills. More importantly, I can apply what I learn from StudyPug on homework and tests!

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Yolanda Ortega
Geometry, Franklin High, Los Angles, CA

StudyPug is so convenient. I can use you on my phone even when I study with my friends at school.

Sofia Cole
Geometry, Hastings High, Houston, TX

StudyPug makes geometry so easy! I had a hard time catching up with my class before I started using you guys. Your lessons are so easy to follow and understand. I can find my answers in no time. I have told all my friends about you, lol. Keep up with the good work guys!

Nancy Baker
Parent of geometry student, Cleveland, OH

We needed something that was convenient and cost effective. StudyPug meets all our needs. My son just needs his laptop or iPad and he can study.

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