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  1. 1Limits
    1. 1.1Introduction to Calculus - Limits
    2. 1.2Finding limits from graphs
    3. 1.3Limit laws
    4. 1.4Continuity
    5. 1.5Finding limits algebraically - direct substitution
    6. 1.6Finding limits algebraically - when direct substitution is not possible
    7. 1.7Infinite limits - vertical asymptotes
    8. 1.8Limits at infinity - horizontal asymptotes
    9. 1.9Intermediate value theorem
    10. 1.10Squeeze theorem
  2. 2Differentiation
    1. 2.1Definition of derivative
    2. 2.2Estimating derivatives from a table
    3. 2.3Power rule
    4. 2.4Slope and equation of tangent line
    5. 2.5Chain rule
    6. 2.6Derivative of trigonometric functions
    7. 2.7Derivative of exponential functions
    8. 2.8Product rule
    9. 2.9Quotient rule
    10. 2.10Implicit differentiation
    11. 2.11Derivative of inverse trigonometric functions
    12. 2.12Derivative of logarithmic functions
    13. 2.13Higher order derivatives
  3. 3Applications of differentiation
    1. 3.1Position velocity acceleration
    2. 3.2Critical number & maximum and minimum values
    3. 3.3l'Hospital's rule
    4. 3.4Curve sketching
    5. 3.5Optimization
    6. 3.6Related rates
    7. 3.7Mean value theorem
    8. 3.8Linear approximation

What is Calculus?

Providing you with a calculus definition is probably one of the easier things about calculus. A quick google search asking it to define calculus however can quickly become quite a conundrum with the endless results and jargon!

While most intro to calculus courses jump straight into learning the ins and outs of calculus, let's begin with a brief description of what calculus is – The study of calculus can be divided into two main branches – differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential calculus is the focus of Calculus I and involves the study of infinitesimal rates of change. Here you will explore all derivative rules and begin learning applications of calculus that span the disciplines of Physics, Economics, Biology and more. Integral calculus on the other hand, is the study of infinitesimal summation. Integrals are used to identify the sum of individual components on a infinitesimal scale to calculate the whole. Aside from learning integral calculus rules, you will also learn how to apply these rules to calculations of area, volume and displacement. These topics will be discussed in Calculus 2 so don't panic as we're only getting started!

To learn calculus is no small task. Many of you could have chosen Paul's online math notes to journey with, so we thank you for stopping by. StudyPug offers the ultimate calculus review for those of you that are looking for the perfect supplement to help your learning in class. Whether you require a calculus crash course for that upcoming midterm, seek to learn ahead of the game, or just can't comprehend what Mr. Peacock is saying about calculus formulas, we're here to help.

We tackle all calculus topics, all kinds of curricula and all kinds of calculus questions! With simple, affordable and comprehensive calculus coverage, you can count on us to be your very own legitimate calculus cheat sheet! Start learning today and be prepared to tackle any calculus question headed your way.

How to learn calculus?

Learning calculus is really not much different as learning algebra or trig. The first step in learning how to do calculus requires you to know how to prepare yourself for calculus:

The first step involves having a reliable source to turn to for calculus help – this is where we come in. We provide you with a world-class online calculus course with unbeatable 24/7 access to calculus tutorials and hundreds of calculus examples.

Here at Studypug we want to offer you more than just a bare set of online notes you can refer to. We go beyond mundane math notes by helping you build healthy habits of easy practice when it comes to calculus. This is the best way to learn calculus! With our supreme catalogue of questions, we've got the best tools for you to learn the ins and outs of every possible calculus question imaginable! Join us now and experience not a dull chapter after chapter, but explore the best exam-taking tips, problem solving strategies and study guides!

Find the topic, chapter or type of question you are struggling with. We've curated all the possible problems you can expect to encounter in the world of calculus here. If you're just getting started, simply start from the beginning. Step into one of our lessons and quickly refresh your memory on your question, chapter, or topic in minutes! Review and learn what you covered in class in for a fraction of the time, then get to business with our step-by-step examples. Watch and learn how to break down questions into simpler terms, identify the multiple strategies in solving problems, and discover the revision secrets that will lead you to success!

Feeling unprepared for the big calculus plunge? Jump back into precalculus and receive access to the same superior service of example driven lessons, calculus help at your fingertips, and plenty of practice to gear you up for calculus.

Nailed all the derivative calculus problems here on calculus 1? On a winning streak? Swing ahead and access our advanced courses to help you prepare for college calculus: We offer business calculus, and differential calculus courses, again with all the goods and services mentioned above. With 1000's of lessons at your disposal, master calculus and receive all the help you need all in one place with the best tutors in town!

Is calculus hard?

As the frontier math course in college and university, calculus frightens a lot of students as the toughest math course out there. However, remember that that just like any other course, or subject, there is a learning curve. Calculus for dummies makes learning calculus a breeze. At StudyPug we're mindful that some of you need a calculus tutor to navigate this new venture – many begin by hitting a brick wall right from the get go and think calculus is hard, but such is the nature of new challenges and higher education – don't lose hope!

With the right tools, you can take on calculus 1 confidently and calmly. Here at StudyPug, we're offering you the crème of the crop – calculus 1 review guides, calculus video lessons, walk-throughs of toughest calculus problems, calculus exam prep and calculus test prep, calculus practice problems (177 to be precise!), and more!

Calculus will borrow from your former math skills so don't feel like a complete dummy or that calculus is too hard! Step back into our precalc review course and see how much you already know about calculus and what skill sets and knowledge you will be using in calculus from your former math courses!

Calc textbooks?

Calculus textbooks are great sources of information – even our team of StudyPugs use them here! We've collated information from a number of them to bring you the best notes online for calc 1 review!

Whether you're worried about limits at infinity, derivative rules, l'hospitals rule, position velocity acceleration, or whether we have the fundamental derivative formula sheet, know that we've got you covered!

Our content covers information you'll see in calculus textbooks such as Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Springer Calculus II, Pearson Calculus, Calculus for dummies pdf, and many more!

Stop worrying about textbook coverage and join us now for the greatest calculus refresher online!

  • My brother and I are taking Calculus in different schools and using different Calculus 1 textbooks. However, there is only one calculus 1 course on this site. Is this course good for both of us?

    Our calculus 1 covers topics taught in most schools. It also includes contents in IB Mathematics SL and IB Mathematics HL. We also have help for AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC, too. Therefore, you and your brother should get the relevant Calculus help from us!

  • I need help on introduction to calculus class, but this course is calculus 1. Is this course suitable for me?

    You are in the right place! This course contains everything you need to learn on single variable calculus, including limits and derivative. We also cover applications of derivatives such as optimization, related rates, and linear approximation. Study with us; you will be able to solve your calculus problems with ease!

  • What are the prerequisites for calculus 1?

    A prerequisite for this course is either Precalculus or Algebra 2 and after you mastered calculus 1, your follow up course should be either calculus 2 or Statistics.

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