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  1. 1Right Triangle Trigonometry
    1. 1.1Use sine ratio to calculate angles and sides (Sin = oh \frac{o}{h} )
    2. 1.2Use cosine ratio to calculate angles and sides (Cos = ah \frac{a}{h} )
    3. 1.3Use tangent ratio to calculate angles and sides (Tan = oa \frac{o}{a} )
    4. 1.4Combination of SohCahToa questions
    5. 1.5Solving expressions using 45-45-90 special right triangles
    6. 1.6Solving expressions using 30-60-90 special right triangles
    7. 1.7Word problems relating ladder in trigonometry
    8. 1.8Word problems relating guy wire in trigonometry
    9. 1.9Other word problems relating angles in trigonometry
  2. 2Trigonometric Ratios and Angle Measure
    1. 2.1Angle in standard position
    2. 2.2Coterminal angles
    3. 2.3Reference angle
    4. 2.4Find the exact value of trigonometric ratios
    5. 2.5ASTC rule in trigonometry (All Students Take Calculus)
    6. 2.6Unit circle
    7. 2.7Converting between degrees and radians
    8. 2.8Trigonometric ratios of angles in radians
    9. 2.9Radian measure and arc length
    10. 2.10Law of sines
    11. 2.11Law of cosines
    12. 2.12Applications of the sine law and cosine law
  3. 3Bearings
    1. 3.1Introduction to bearings
    2. 3.2Bearings and direction word problems
    3. 3.3Angle of elevation and depression
  4. 4Graphing Trigonometric Functions
    1. 4.1Sine graph: y = sin x
    2. 4.2Cosine graph: y = cos x
    3. 4.3Tangent graph: y = tan x
    4. 4.4Cotangent graph: y = cot x
    5. 4.5Secant graph: y = sec x
    6. 4.6Cosecant graph: y = csc x
    7. 4.7Graphing transformations of trigonometric functions
    8. 4.8Determining trigonometric functions given their graphs
  5. 5Applications of Trigonometric Functions
    1. 5.1Ferris wheel trig problems
    2. 5.2Tides and water depth trig problems
    3. 5.3Spring (simple harmonic motion) trig problems
  6. 6Trigonometric Identities
    1. 6.1Quotient identities and reciprocal identities
    2. 6.2Pythagorean identities
    3. 6.3Sum and difference identities
    4. 6.4Cofunction identities
    5. 6.5Double-angle identities
  7. 7Solving Trigonometric Equations
    1. 7.1Solving first degree trigonometric equations
    2. 7.2Determining non-permissible values for trig expressions
    3. 7.3Solving second degree trigonometric equations
    4. 7.4Solving trigonometric equations involving multiple angles
    5. 7.5Solving trigonometric equations using pythagorean identities
    6. 7.6Solving trigonometric equations using sum and difference identities
    7. 7.7Solving trigonometric equations using double-angle identities
  8. 8Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    1. 8.1Finding inverse trigonometric function from its graph
    2. 8.2Evaluating inverse trigonometric functions
    3. 8.3Finding inverse reciprocal trigonometric function from its graph
    4. 8.4Finding exact value of inverse reciprocal trig functions
  9. 9Imaginary and Complex Numbers
    1. 9.1Introduction to imaginary numbers
    2. 9.2Complex numbers and complex planes
    3. 9.3Adding and subtracting complex numbers
    4. 9.4Complex conjugates
    5. 9.5Multiplying and dividing complex numbers
    6. 9.6Distance and midpoint of complex numbers
    7. 9.7Angle and absolute value of complex numbers
    8. 9.8Polar form of complex numbers
    9. 9.9Operations on complex numbers in polar form
  • I'm taking a course that has both algebra and trigonometry in high school. Which course should I sign up for?

    Rest assured. Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to ALL math help across different courses. You can get the help you would need in our Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.

  • In my college, the course is called College algebra and Trigonometry. Can your Trigonometry class help me?

    Sure thing! Our Trigonometry help covers all topics you will find in your first-year algebra and trigonometry class. Also, check out our College Algebra class – we've got all you need for the algebra portion of your course.

  • My class uses Trigonometry McKeague as our textbook. Is your site helpful to me?

    Of course. Our trigonometry class contains all topics you would see in your textbook. Not just this textbook, we have help on topics you will find in any other common trig textbooks like Blitzer Algebra and Trigonometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Lial.

  • What are the prerequisites for Trigonometry?

    A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2, and after you mastered Statistics, your follow up course should be either Precalculus or Calculus 1.

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