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Our Trigonometry tutors have you covered with our complete trig help for all topics that you would expect in any typical Trigonometry classes, whether it's Trigonometry Regents exam (EngageNY), ACT Trigonometry, or College Trigonometry. Learn trig with ease!

Our online trigonometry tutorials walk you through all topics in trigonometry like the Unit Circle, Trigonometric Identities, Trigonometric functions, Right triangle trigonometry, Trigonometric equations, and so much more. Learn the concepts with our trig tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest trigonometry problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of trigonometry practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Trigonometry teachers. Let's finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
I'm taking a course that has both algebra and trigonometry in high school. Which course should I sign up for?

Rest assured. Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to ALL math help across different courses. You can get the help you would need in our Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.

In my college, the course is called College algebra and Trigonometry. Can your Trigonometry class help me?

Sure thing! Our Trigonometry help covers all topics you will find in your first-year algebra and trigonometry class. Also, check out our College Algebra class – we've got all you need for the algebra portion of your course.

My class uses Trigonometry McKeague as our textbook. Is your site helpful to me?

Of course. Our trigonometry class contains all topics you would see in your textbook. Not just this textbook, we have help on topics you will find in any other common trig textbooks like Blitzer Algebra and Trigonometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Lial.

What are the prerequisites for Trigonometry?

A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2, and after you mastered Statistics, your follow up course should be either Precalculus or Calculus 1.

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Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.
Selena Watson

I really needed to revise trigonometric identities when I first started my university math classes. I had thrown away my old workbooks from high school, so I was desperately looking around online for notes and worksheets. That’s when I came across StudyPug. StudyPug has lots of trigonometry problems, both for you to follow along with their trigonometry tutors through videos, or for you to try out yourself. Not sure what I would’ve done without it!

J.J. Anderson

When my teacher started us off on trigonometric functions, I got very stressed. It wasn’t a topic that I understood and doing my own trigonometry review didn’t take me very far and I failed my first trig quiz. I tried out StudyPug for trig help during that time for their free 7 days and found it was much easier having questions walked through for me! My original thought of having trigonometry tutoring was all gone. I’m now using StudyPug for other topics in math and I’ve found it helps me just as well!

Horace Jones

StudyPug is a very organized site that’s easy to follow. When it comes to learning about what is trigonometry, they’ve got what you need nailed down. They take you from basic trigonometry to the advanced stuff that I ended up seeing on my tests. The trigonometry tutors teach very clearly and they often show different ways that you can use to get your final answer. This was very useful for me since I may not get one method, but understand another. I definitely recommend StudyPug trig tutors for anyone who needs to learn trigonometry..

Roy Cartwright

My daughter did summer school the past year and they covered high school trigonometric functions and applications of these functions. She ended up failing the course, which was very disappointing to my husband and I. We wanted to help, and since she was given a second chance when school came back into session during the regular term, we sat down to help with with her first trigonometry worksheet. We realized we were both very rusty on the subject and we asked around for suggestions. Instead of a private trigonometry tutor, a family friend suggested StudyPug. Our daughter has been using it throughout the year and it’s been giving her the trigonometry help that she needed!

Jessica C.

I was stuck when our trig class started learning about trigonometric identities. Really glad I found StudyPug because I’m able to get trigonometry tutoring whenever I need it! Loving the price and what I get out of it!

David Sanchez

I used StudyPug trig tutoring to help me prep for my engineering course. I found that they have wonderful examples that helped explain trigonometric functions and I also got to try out lots of practice problems myself too. For the tougher questions, there are trigonometry step-by-step solution videos available. If you’re doing a college course that takes you through what is trigonometry, I suggest you try StudyPug out before spending on a trigonometry tutor.

Richard Park

My child had a lot of issues starting the basic trigonometry chapter in their high school curriculum. There was a lot of memorizing involved which wasn’t the way my child usually learned when it came to math. We tried many methods including reading trigonometry for dummies series, but results were minimal. We did a month-long subscription with StudyPug and found that trigonometric identities didn’t have to be purely memorized, but could be explained in a way that makes the math logical. StudyPug was a great find as an online trig tutor!

Michael Harvey

To help our son digest a lot of trigonometry formulas, my wife gave him a StudyPug account with lessons that has a trigonometry table for him which he can browse while doing his homework and now spends less time doing it.

Angelina Irwin

During my high school year, I always make an effort to learn Trigonometry because it will be useful in my surveying subject now that I am taking an engineering course. StudyPug has helped me a lot with high school math until now. StudyPug makes it more fun for me to take on math courses!

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Alysha Wallace
Mother of trigonometry student, Billings, MT

Originally, I prefer taking my son to tutoring center than learning online at home. However, my work schedule doesn't allow me to do so. So, I took the chance and joined StudyPug. Your videos are surprisingly good. My son told me that you guys are really helpful for his study, and his grades are really improving. I am glad that I have made the right choice.

David Coleman
Trigonometry, Prairie High, Cedar Rapids, IA

It is always hard for top students like me to improve grades. I'm surprised that your help is able to pull my grade up even higher. I like the tips and tricks that you provide because they are not something teachers will teach at school. That gives me an edge over other students in exams and tests.

Luisa Carrillo
Trigonometry, Campbell High, Manchester, NH

Concepts in trigonometry are tough to understand. The problem got worse as more and more questions built up. However, you are making things easy to learn. It was lucky for me to join you guys early in the term. Otherwise, I would have more problems with my study and would be hard to catch up later.

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