Perpendicular line equation

Perpendicular line equation

In this lesson, we will look at questions related to perpendicular line equation. We will try to determine perpendicular line equation with different given information such as, graphs, equations of other lines and points.


  • Introduction
    How to find the equation of a perpendicular line?

  • 1.
    Given the graph of linear equation, find the slope of perpendicular line equation.

    Find the equation of line in the graph, and then determine its perpendicular line equation


    Perpendicular line equation of a given line


    Perpendicular line equation of a horizontal line


    Perpendicular line equation of a vertical line

  • 2.
    The lines 3y + 7x = 3 and cy - 2x - 1 = 0 are perpendicular. Find "c"

  • 3.
    Determine the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line 3y + 5x = 8, and passes through the origin. Answer in slope intercept form and general form.