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Conics - Circle



distance formula, midpoint formula and circle
The conics form of a circle with center (h,  k)\left( {h,\;k} \right) and radius rr is:
(xhr)2+(ykr)2=1{\left( {\frac{{x - h}}{r}} \right)^2} + {\left( {\frac{{y - k}}{r}} \right)^2} = 1
  • 1.
    graphing a circle
    Sketch each circle and state the:
    i) center
    ii) radius
  • 2.
    converting a circle equation to conics form by "completing the square"
    4x2+4y2+24x8y+15=04{x^2} + 4{y^2} + 24x - 8y + 15 = 0
  • 3.
    finding the equation of a circle given its properties
    Find the equation of a circle with:
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Conics - Circle

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