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Succeed in math class with our complete Basic Algebra help. We cover all topics you will see in any typical Basic Algebra class, Florida FSA and Massachusetts MCAS!

With our walkthrough video lessons, you will gain a solid understanding on all topics in basic algebra like Linear equations, Fractions, Pythagorean Theorem, different types of Polynomials, Exponents, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest basic algebra problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of basic algebra practice.

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Common Questions
My basic algebra test is coming up in a few days. Can you guy help me prepare for it?

Sure! You can first work on the basic algebra problems available on our site to determine which areas you need help the most. For instance, if you are having trouble on basic algebra words problems, you can watch our video lessons on the topic to see how teachers solve the questions. You can then do the practice questions posted on our site. Sometimes, you may need to review the basics from the lowers grades such as 7th grade and 8th grade math. No worries, you have access to all these materials with subscription.

I don’t know how to do basic algebra problems on factoring polynomials. What can this do to help me?

We have tons of video lessons which give you a walkthrough on every basic algebra concept. Those lessons also include step by step solutions to questions that you always see in textbooks and tests. It should help you tackle the problems. Of course, we have more than factoring polynomials for basic algebra. Browse through our site, and do better in math!

What are the prerequisites for Basic Algebra?

A prerequisite for this course is either Pre-Algebra or 8th grade math, and after you mastered Statistics, your follow up course should be Algebra 1.

Customer Reviews
4.7 stars based on 7 total reviews
Thomas Fischer

We’re using StudyPug to tackle my daughter’s basic algebra problems that she’s learning at school. It provides lots of chances for her to do basic algebra practice and has been working great!

James Poll

I tell my students about StudyPug because I believe it’s a great companion for the basic algebra problems that we’re learning in class. I’ve seen my past students use it to prepare for their basic algebra tests and it really makes a difference in marks. Always impressed with the high quality lessons on StudyPug.

Lisa K.

When my son did summer school, the curriculum moved a little too fast for him and his first basic algebra test came back poorly. I signed him up for StudyPug from another parent’s recommendation and was surprised to see how much easier his basic algebra review went as he studied for his next test. Makes me less stressed as well!

Rene Kirkland

I teach algebra and it’s always hard to watch the kids struggle over the basic algebra formulas that we teach. I’ve been looking for solutions to see what I can use as teaching aid and StudyPug has been wonderful. I get basic algebra worksheets off them and it has been a great resource.

May Denby

I’m doing basic algebra review for my test right now and I love this site!

David Barrett

My teacher recommended I look up StudyPug to help with my basic algebra questions for when I go back home. I think it’s a really great site.

Emily Leonard

If you’re looking for a good “basic algebra for beginners” course for your child, StudyPug does a wonderful job of teaching concepts. Their instructors make descriptive, in-depth guided videos and I can also bring the lessons with us when we go out on the iPad. We sometimes even just use my phone! A handy and great way to get basic algebra practice.

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Testimonial: Catherine Martinez
Catherine Martinez
Basic Algebra, The Seton Keough High, Halethorpe, MD
I am generally good at math, but I get stuck sometimes when I do the homework. But I don’t need a tutor and I don’t want to wait until I see my math teacher the next day. I need something that can let me understand the questions fast. Your videos are just all I need!
Testimonial: Samantha Gauthier
Samantha Gauthier
Basic Algebra, Cleveland High, Seattle, WA
I always like to study ahead but it’s really hard to do that just by myself. So my dad told me to try you guys out. Studying ahead is so easy with StudyPug because I can choose the things I want to learn and skip those I already know. I will for sure keep using you guys.
Testimonial: Gary Butler
Gary Butler
Basic Algebra, Markham District High, Markham, ON
It is so much better to watch videos than reading examples in textbook. StudyPug is just like my algebra textbook but with sounds and images. I can watch the videos and learn for the whole afternoon without falling asleep. My math marks got a lot better!
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