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Aligned with your class and textbook, our comprehensive 8th grade math help covers all topics that you would see in your math class, whether it’s 8th grade Common Core math, 8th grade math TEKS (STAAR), 8th grade math EOG, or 8th grade math Regents.

Our video lessons walk you through all topics in 8th grade math like Equations, exponents, scientific notation, slope, integers, fractions, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest 8th grade math problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of 8th grade math practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced 8th grade math teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
I’m using Big Ideas math book 8th grade. Would your 8th grade math curriculum work fine with my class?

For sure! We not only cover all topics in your textbook, but also all topics in other 8th grade math textbooks, for example, Go Math 8th grade and Prentice Hall 8th grade math.

I homeschool my child with Saxon math 8th grade program. Can I use your site as a supplementary resource?

Most definitely. Your StudyPug subscription gives you, not just 8th grade math lessons, but also unlimited access to all math help across all courses. Therefore, you can skip, review and learn any materials anytime based on your child’s progress and needs. We also have personal study plan and progress report to keep track on how your child is learning.

What class should I take after 8th grade math?

After mastering 8th grade math, your follow up course should be Algebra 1. If you want to review some of the previous concepts you have learned before, you can check out 7th grade math or Pre-Algebra.

Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 9 total reviews
Liam Jardine

I take care of my grandson in the afternoons and have often tried to help him with his 8th grade math worksheets. At times, I’m not quite sure of myself on certain concepts. I rely on 8th grade math for dummies but it didn't cover everything. My daughter suggested the two of us try out StudyPug, and the site has been a much welcomed help. We are able to both work on 8th grade math problems from StudyPug together with their online 8th grade math tutors. Very useful site!

Chandler Potts

My daughter uses StudyPug to help guide her through her 8th grade math textbook. She was the one who wanted me to subscribe her to the site, so I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like the site is working wonderfully so far and I can often see that she’s clarifying concepts she learned in class and trying out some eigth grade math problems directly on the site. She said the 8th grade math step-by-step examples are particularly useful.

Alicia Castro

I have two children who uses StudyPug. One of them is doing 12th grade math, and the other is using it for 8th grade math. My 8th grader has always been weaker at math so her brother suggested she try out StudyPug since he’s been using it. Her recent 8th grade math test came back with an A! Loving what StudyPug is doing and how accessible they’re making math.

Roger Rea

I previously paid a 8th grade math tutor a handsome sum to teach my child the 8th grade math curriculum since she wasn’t understanding her teacher in class. I was looking online for more affordable alternatives and I came across StudyPug. It was friendly to the pockets and we could see results! She can now finish her 8th grade math worksheets by herself... without a tutor.

Steve Finch

I love the site and I’m using it as my 8th grade math tutor!

Tim Graves

I’m going into 9th grade but I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned in 8th grade! Happy to have a place that I can learn 8th grade math again and also get access to 8th grade math worksheets. It's amazing to get help from 8th grade math tutors as well as the other grades, all in the same place!

Gloria Hawley

I want to thank StudyPug for making this awesome 8th grade math tutoring class. It is so much easy to understand! Really helpful and I’ve improved a lot!

Frank Slater

We signed our daughter for a StudyPug that offers an 8th grade math tutorial and she enjoys answering 8th grade math practice test. She now prefers answering her homework by herself and is learning more each day!

Judy Perrin

Hiring a private tutor can be really expensive so we gave our son an account on StudyPug instead. StudyPug comes with an 8th grade math review packet which he uses to practice solving 8th grade math word problems. He is now enjoying learning math on his own pace and we like how his grades are getting higher!

Math 8 Topics

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3Operations with Integers

7Scientific Notation

8Ratios and Proportions

20Nonlinear Functions

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Fai Lang
Math 8 student, Stuart Hall High, San Francisco, CA

"You guys can explain even the hardest questions clearly in a very short video. No more wasting time on looking at useless math videos on YouTube anymore, yay!"

Frank Watson
Math 8 student, Lake View High, Chicago, IL

I use StudyPug for math homework because I can find all the things I need to know for my math class. You guys are so good because you would teach me the tricks on how to answer the tricky questions. My math has improved a lot and now my friends fight for my help with their math tests.

Carson E.

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

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