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Aligned with your class and textbook, our comprehensive 8th grade math help covers all topics that you would see in your math class, whether it's 8th grade Common Core math, 8th grade math TEKS (STAAR), 8th grade math EOG, or 8th grade math Regents.

Our video lessons walk you through all topics in 8th grade math like Equations, exponents, scientific notation, slope, integers, fractions, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest 8th grade math problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of 8th grade math practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Math 8 tutors. Let's finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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  1. 1Number Theory
    1. 1.1Understanding the number systems
    2. 1.2Prime factorization
    3. 1.3Greatest Common Factors (GCF)
    4. 1.4Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  2. 2Operations with Integers
    1. 2.1Multiplying integers
    2. 2.2Dividing integers
  3. 3Rational Numbers
    1. 3.1Rational vs. Irrational numbers
    2. 3.2Converting repeating decimals to fractions
    3. 3.3Absolute value functions
  4. 4Operations with Rational Numbers
    1. 4.1Adding and subtracting of rational numbers
  5. 5Exponents and Roots
    1. 5.1Using exponents to describe numbers
    2. 5.2Quotient rule of exponents
    3. 5.3Product rule of exponents
    4. 5.4Power of a product rule
    5. 5.5Power of a quotient rule
    6. 5.6Power of a power rule
    7. 5.7Solving for exponents
    8. 5.8Squares and square roots
    9. 5.9Cubic and cube roots
  6. 6Scientific Notation
    1. 6.1Scientific notation
  7. 7Ratios and Proportions
    1. 7.1Ratios
    2. 7.2Rates
    3. 7.3Proportions
  8. 8Proportional Relationships
    1. 8.1Identifying proportional relationships
    2. 8.2Understanding graphs of proportional relationships
    3. 8.3Graphing and writing equations of proportional relationships
    4. 8.4Applications of proportional relationships
  9. 9Percents
    1. 9.1Representing percents
    2. 9.2Percents, fractions, and decimals
    3. 9.3Percent of a number
  10. 10Consumer Math
    1. 10.1Conversions between metric and imperial systems
    2. 10.2Conversions involve squares and cubic
    3. 10.3Taxes, discounts, tips and more
    4. 10.4Simple interest
  11. 11Measurement
    1. 11.1Metric systems
    2. 11.2Imperial systems
  12. 12Pythagorean Theorem
    1. 12.1Pythagorean theorem
    2. 12.2Using the pythagorean relationship
    3. 12.3Word problems of pythagorean relationship
  13. 13Coordinate Graphs
    1. 13.1Distance formula: d = (x2x1)2+(y2y1)2\sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2}
  14. 14Geometry
    1. 14.1Introduction to surface area of 3-dimensional shapes
    2. 14.2Nets of 3-dimensional shapes
    3. 14.3Surface area of prisms
    4. 14.4Surface area of cylinders
    5. 14.5Surface area and volume of pyramids
    6. 14.6Surface area and volume of cylinders
    7. 14.7Surface area and volume of cones
    8. 14.8Surface area and volume of spheres
    9. 14.9Surface area and volume of prisms
  15. 15Transformations
    1. 15.1Tessellations using translations and reflections
    2. 15.2Rotational symmetry and transformations
    3. 15.3Line symmetry
  16. 16Number Sequences
    1. 16.1Arithmetic sequences
    2. 16.2Arithmetic series
    3. 16.3Geometric sequences
    4. 16.4Infinite geometric series
  17. 17Single-Variable Equations
    1. 17.1Using algebra tiles to factor polynomials
    2. 17.2Model and solve one-step linear equations: ax = b, x/a = b
    3. 17.3Solving linear equations using addition and subtraction: ax + b = c
    4. 17.4Determine square roots of rational numbers
  18. 18Linear Functions
    1. 18.1Linear equations
    2. 18.2Representing patterns in linear relations
    3. 18.3Solving linear equations by graphing
    4. 18.4Slope equation: m = y2y1x2x1\frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2- x_1}
    5. 18.5Slope-Y-intercept form: y = mx + b
    6. 18.6Parallel line equations
    7. 18.7Perpendicular line equations
  19. 19Nonlinear Functions
    1. 19.1Non-linear equations
  20. 20Inequalities
    1. 20.1Express linear inequalities
    2. 20.2Solving one-step linear inequalities
    3. 20.3Solving multi-step linear inequalities
    4. 20.4Compound inequalities
  21. 21Systems of Linear Equations
    1. 21.1Determining number of solutions to linear equations
    2. 21.2Solving linear systems by graphing
    3. 21.3Using substitution method to solve systems of equations
    4. 21.4Using elimination method to solve systems of equations
    5. 21.5Money related questions in linear equations
    6. 21.6Unknown number related questions in linear equations
    7. 21.7Distance and time related questions in linear equations
    8. 21.8Rectangular shape related questions in linear equations
  22. 22Monomials and Polynomials
    1. 22.1Characteristics of polynomials
    2. 22.2Multiplying monomial by monomial
    3. 22.3Multiplying polynomial by polynomial
    4. 22.4Multiplying polynomials by monomials
    5. 22.5Adding and subtracting polynomials
    6. 22.6Multiplying and dividing monomials
  23. 23Probability
    1. 23.1Probability
    2. 23.2Probability of independent events
    3. 23.3Factorial notation
    4. 23.4Permutations
    5. 23.5Combinations
    6. 23.6Fundamental counting principle
    7. 23.7Probability with Venn diagrams
  24. 24Statistics
    1. 24.1Median and mode
    2. 24.2Mean
    3. 24.3Range and outliers
    4. 24.4Application of averages
  25. 25Data and Graphs
    1. 25.1Reading and drawing bar graphs
    2. 25.2Reading and drawing histograms
    3. 25.3Reading and drawing line graphs
    4. 25.4Box-and-whisker plots and scatter plots
    5. 25.5Stem-and-leaf plots
    6. 25.6Reading and drawing Venn diagrams

What Do You Learn in Math 8?

In 8th grade math, you will explore scientific notation and how you can convert them into numbers (and vice versa). You'll learn the different aspects of consumer math like taxes, discounts, and tips, and in 8th grade algebra, you'll tackle single-variable equations, using tiles to solve polynomials. Additionally, you'll continue to study topics that were taught to you in Math 6 and Math 7, things like the Pythagorean theorem, transformations, probability, and more.

If that sounds like a lot to take in, we offer help across all topics covered in your math 8 lessons. StudyPug takes common 8th grade math problems and breaks them down so that they're easier to understand. If you've missed a class at school, you can find the same topic on our website and get yourself caught up. Choose the lessons that you need, skip the content that you don't, and learn at your own pace, never falling behind again.

Our content will cover the same information found in any modern 8th grade math book like Big Ideas Math Geometry, go math, grade 8 common core math, and math 8 for dummies.

Whether you're studying 8th grade Common Core math, 8th grade math TEKS (STAAR), 8th grade math EOG, or 8th grade math Regents, our easy practice guides have the content for you.

How Can I Learn 8th Grade Math?

To learn math, you'll need to pay attention in class and take math notes. Listen to your teacher and avoid distractions like phones and friends. If you find that you don't understand something during the lesson, ask the teacher for help. There's nothing wrong with taking ownership of your learning, asking for help will greatly benefit you in learning the content being delivered.

Personally, we believe that the best way to learn math 8, is to do it. That's why our math tutorial videos contain easy practice tips that can be implemented at home to further develop your understanding. Get yourself into the habit of practicing what you've been taught in the classroom and use our video tutorials to streamline the process and find even more effective ways of learning math 8.

Furthermore, make sure you complete your homework and search online for free 8th grade math worksheets. Mathematical skill is like learning a language or training for a sport, the more time you spend practicing, the better you'll become.

To help strengthen the learning process, use StudyPug as a companion to your studies. If you ever leave the classroom unsure of a topic or find yourself struggling with homework, visit our website. We have a rich library of 8th grade math videos that cover all aspects of the curriculum, delivering step-by-step examples to even the toughest of 8th grade math problems. Many students find that they prefer our easy to follow videos instead of traditional textbooks, as they do a better job of conveying the information in a nicer and more simpler way.

Additionally, As your online math 8 tutor , our math 8 lessons can be accessed 24/7 on mobile, desktop or tablet. They can also be paused, rewound, and fast-forwarded, allowing you to learn when it's convenient for you.

How Can I pass math 8?

In order to pass your math 8 exam and achieve a good grade, you'll need to build an effective revision strategy that addresses your weaker areas and further strengthens your core understanding of the basic principles.

When it comes time to sitting your exam, you'll need to show the examiners that you understand how to solve math problems beyond simple memorization. It's no good just memorizing a formula if you can't explain how it works and when to use it.

To help you prepare for your exams, learn how to manage your time, and to assess your strengths and weaknesses, sit mock tests using past papers. These papers will not only give you a rough idea of what to expect on your own test, but they will allow you to see which areas you perform well in and where you need to improve.

Sit the mock papers in exam conditions, removing all distractions like mobile phones, tablets, and televisions. Also, do not use the internet! Complete the paper within the time limit and then have someone else mark it for you.

Use your test scores as the basis for your math 8 revision, focusing on the areas you underperformed in. During your revision, use StudyPug as your personal math 8 tutor to help develop your understanding. Our content for 8th grade math exam prep will do a great job of breaking down the information into bite sized chunks that are easier to digest and retain.

To get you started, we're offering a collection of free 8th grade maths lessons across the following subject areas:

  • Understanding the Number Systems
  • Absolute Value Functions
  • Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
  • Using Exponents to Describe Numbers
  • Ratios
  • And More

Browse them all today and see how StudyPug can help you pass 8th grade math!

How Can I Be Better in 8th Grade Math?

If you feel like you could be doing better in class and would like additional 8th grade math help, you should visit StudyPug regularly and use our content to revise, revise, revise. It cannot be stressed enough that the best way to learn math is through repetition. The more you revise and practice what you've learnt, the better chance you have of retaining that information.

At StudyPug, we understand that finding the time to revise and getting yourself into the habit of studying is easier said than done, which is why our content is offered in short and engaging videos that can be accessed at home or on the go. We make sure that our content works with your schedule so that we're able to offer the support you need when you need it.

Think of us as your very own virtual math 8 tutoring service, offering 24/7 help at a fraction of the cost for a private tutor.

  • I'm using Big Ideas math book 8th grade. Would your 8th grade math curriculum work fine with my class?

    For sure! We not only cover all topics in your textbook, but also all topics in other 8th grade math textbooks, for example, Go Math 8th grade and Prentice Hall 8th grade math.

  • I homeschool my child with Saxon math 8th grade program. Can I use your site as a supplementary resource?

    Most definitely. Your StudyPug subscription gives you, not just 8th grade math lessons, but also unlimited access to all math help across all courses. Therefore, you can skip, review and learn any materials anytime based on your child's progress and needs. We also have personal study plan and progress report to keep track on how your child is learning.

  • What class should I take after 8th grade math?

    After mastering 8th grade math, your follow up course should be Algebra 1. Feel free to take a look at our Algebra 1 tutors. If you want to review some of the previous concepts you have learned before, you can check out 7th grade math or Pre-Algebra.

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