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Aligned with your class and textbook, our comprehensive Grade 11 math help covers all topics that you would expect in any typical grade 11 math classes, whether it's Ontario math curriculum, B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, or other provinces.

Our video lessons walk you through all topics in trigonometry like Unit circle, Factoring trinomials, Radicals, Rational expressions, Quadratic equations, Sequences and series, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest math problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of grade 11 math practice.

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  1. 1Factoring
    1. 1.1Factor by taking out the greatest common factor
    2. 1.2Factor by grouping
    3. 1.3Factoring difference of squares: x^2 - y^2
    4. 1.4Factoring trinomials
    5. 1.5Factoring difference of cubes
    6. 1.6Factoring sum of cubes
  2. 2Quadratic Functions
    1. 2.1Introduction to quadratic functions
    2. 2.2Transformations of quadratic functions
    3. 2.3Completing the square
    4. 2.4Converting from general to vertex form by completing the square
    5. 2.5Shortcut: Vertex formula
    6. 2.6Characteristics of quadratic functions
    7. 2.7Finding the quadratic functions for given parabolas
    8. 2.8Applications of quadratic functions
  3. 3Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
    1. 3.1Solving quadratic equations by factoring
    2. 3.2Solving quadratic equations by completing the square
    3. 3.3Using quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations
    4. 3.4Nature of roots of quadratic equations: The discriminant
    5. 3.5Applications of quadratic equations
    6. 3.6Solving quadratic inequalities
    7. 3.7Solving polynomial equations by iteration
  4. 4Radicals
    1. 4.1Operations with radicals
    2. 4.2Conversion between entire radicals and mixed radicals
    3. 4.3Adding and subtracting radicals
    4. 4.4Multiplying radicals
    5. 4.5Solving radical equations
  5. 5Rational Expressions
    1. 5.1Simplifying rational expressions and restrictions
    2. 5.2Adding and subtracting rational expressions
    3. 5.3Multiplying rational expressions
    4. 5.4Dividing rational expressions
    5. 5.5Solving rational equations
    6. 5.6Applications of rational equations
    7. 5.7Simplifying complex fractions
    8. 5.8Partial fraction decomposition
  6. 6Absolute Value Functions
    1. 6.1Absolute value functions
    2. 6.2Solving absolute value equations
    3. 6.3Solving absolute value inequalities
  7. 7Reciprocal Functions
    1. 7.1Graphing reciprocals of linear functions
    2. 7.2Graphing reciprocals of quadratic functions
  8. 8Systems of Equations
    1. 8.1System of linear equations
    2. 8.2System of linear-quadratic equations
    3. 8.3System of quadratic-quadratic equations
    4. 8.4Solving 3 variable systems of equations by substitution
    5. 8.5Solving 3 variable systems of equations by elimination
    6. 8.6Solving 3 variable systems of equations with no or infinite solutions
    7. 8.7Word problems relating 3 variable systems of equations
  9. 9Inequalities in Two Variables
    1. 9.1Graphing linear inequalities in two variables
    2. 9.2Graphing systems of linear inequalities
    3. 9.3Graphing quadratic inequalities in two variables
    4. 9.4Graphing systems of quadratic inequalities
    5. 9.5Applications of inequalities
    6. 9.6What is linear programming?
    7. 9.7Linear programming word problems
  10. 10Trigonometry
    1. 10.1Standard angles
    2. 10.2Coterminal angles
    3. 10.3Reference angles
    4. 10.4Find the exact value of trigonometric ratios
    5. 10.5ASTC rule in trigonometry (All Students Take Calculus)
    6. 10.6Unit circle
    7. 10.7Law of sines
    8. 10.8Law of cosines
    9. 10.9Applications of the sine law and cosine law
  11. 11Bearings
    1. 11.1Introduction to bearings
    2. 11.2Bearings and direction word problems
    3. 11.3Angle of elevation and depression
  12. 12Sequences and Series
    1. 12.1Arithmetic sequences
    2. 12.2Arithmetic series
    3. 12.3Geometric sequences
    4. 12.4Geometric series
    5. 12.5Infinite geometric series
    6. 12.6Sigma notation
    7. 12.7Arithmetic mean vs. Geometric mean

Is grade 11 math hard?

Grade 11 math can be a struggle and will definitely put your math skills to the test. This can make it seem like grade 11 math is hard and overwhelming. But fear not – here at StudyPug we've made sure to address all your questions and concerns! From topics such as quadratic functions to Sigma notation, down to unraveling the Vertex formula, (and even more!) we're here to provide you help with grade 11 math. Our carefully crafted Grade 11 math tutorials are well suited for all – so whether you are a student that requires a refresher on fundamentals or a keener looking to get ahead of the game, we have content covering Grade 11 math for dummies as well as more advanced, challenging content. Regardless of the level of difficulty, we're here to help you every step of the way with step-by-step examples and lots of practice questions. Grade 11 Math does not have to be hard folks! With help from our review lessons and methodical-disciplined practice, you'll find yourself powering through the difficult questions with ease and confidence in no time!

How to prepare for grade 11 math?

Feeling unprepared for another year of math? Unsure about how and where to get started with grade 11 math? StudyPug has all the tools and resources for you to get you prepared and equipped for grade 11 math!

Understanding grade 11 math will take time and that can be difficult if you only see your tutor once a week or feel like you need a refresher on topics previously covered in class. Here at StudyPug our Grade 11 math tutors and all of our content are readily at your disposal whenever you need them. With 24/7 help and 1000's of lessons at your fingertips, we are here to help you exercise your understanding of grade 11 math topics and prepare for your upcoming Grade 11 math test and/or Grade 11 math exam preparation. Still feeling like you need more support and background information on some of the topics covered in grade 11 math? Some of the topics you are learning in Grade 11 math (e.g. Quadratic relations, completing the square) we started introducing in Grade 10 math. Grade 10 math is a prerequisite course for Grade 11 math and we strongly recommend a strong command of the knowledge and skills learned in Grade 10 to help you succeed in Grade 11 math. Head over to our Grade 10 math page to begin your revision now!

How do I use StudyPug to study Grade 11 Math?

Our intention for StudyPug was to create a 24/7, online companion to meet all your Grade 11 math tutoring needs. We've carefully designed our website to be intuitive and easy to navigate but we've also included this section for those of you that are visiting or trying us out for the first time. Keep in mind that if you are a student that is still unsure about whether StudyPug is for you, you can still sample our product/service by beginning with the free lessons that are accessible immediately without hassle.

As a general guideline, before jumping into any of our topics in grade 11 math, we recommend starting with assessing your prior knowledge. This is simply done by reviewing your familiarity with concepts we believe you should have a relatively strong command of. Almost all of our topics begin with an outline on the basic concepts you should know as well as other related, pertinent concepts.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, we recommend jumping straight to using our search engine tool. Use this to hone in on the concepts, topics, or questions you are finding the most difficult. Remember; don't be afraid if you feel like you need to begin with some of the rudimentary foundations you covered previously in grade 10 math or elsewhere.

Once you have identified the topic you require more work on, our short but informative video lessons wills walk you through examples (from easy to complex problems) to flesh out the concepts you need to learn as well as study tips and strategies. Watch and re-watch these lessons as many times as you need! We also provide a paraphrased transcript on the gist of what was addressed in the video if you prefer to learn and revise this way instead.

Last but certainly not the least of these steps, we encourage you to put your knowledge and skills to the test! We've prepared plenty of questions per topic for you to master and perfect! See how well you have learnt and acquire more practice from a wide variety and range (i.e. easy to hard) of questions.

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How to pass 11th grade math?

Preparing for a grade 11 Math test or exam? You've come to right place! Our home page has everything you need to learn Grade 11 Math. Here at StudyPug we exist to help you achieve your academic goals. So whether you are gearing up for a chapter test on the unit circle or require a quick overview of several topics for your big final exam, we want to make sure you are feeling confident in tackling all your assessments.

At StudyPug we provide numerous Grade 11 math lessons spanning multiple provincial, and international curriculums. We also build content around several renowned textbooks, so we're well on our way to helping you focus on the numerous topics and types of questions you may be struggling with in 11th grade math.

Remember this – learning and preparing to pass 11th grade math will not happen overnight! So do not fret if you are finding certain chapters or problems more challenging than others. The key is to first ensure a strong grasp of the underlying concepts and then get into the habit of exercising your knowledge through practice. With over 290 unique practice questions in total for 11th grade math, we readily supplement your classroom learning with the objective of not to merely pass 11th grade math, but to also obtain excellent grades while in the process. Our inventory of practice questions is available to you immediately and should make easy practice out of 11th grade math questions.

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