Angle of elevation and depression

  1. Introduction to application to bearings – angle of elevation/depression
  2. Angle of elevation
  3. Angle of depression
  1. Analyze the Use of Angle of Elevation or Depression

    A house was built next to a mountain. The angle of depression from the top of the mountain to the house is 12°. If the mountain is 800m tall, how far is the house from the mountain?

    1. Billy is standing 150m away from a wind turbine. His eye level is 2m from the ground. If his angle of elevation is 25° to the top of the turbine, determine the height of the wind turbine.
      1. Evaluate the Height of An Object With No Angle of Elevation or Depression Given

        Nelson, whose height is 1.8m, is standing 12m away from a light pole. If he casts a shadow 15m away from the pole, what is the height of the light pole?

        1. Determine the Height of An Object Using the Angle of Elevation AND Depression

          Buildings X and Y are 240m from each other. From the roof of building X, the angle of elevation to the top of building Y is 26° and the angle of depression to the base of building Y is 32°. How tall is each building?