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We know time is important and your child's busy. Our videos are short and to the point. Each of our lessons focus on a single concept or example.

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We offer practice questions to measure and reinforce your child's understanding. With practice they can turn passive learning into an active experience.

Complete coverage

Our videos provide a step-by-step walkthrough on a wide range of example problems. Like the ones found in the back of the textbook or found in exams and tests.

Keeping your child focused

We'll make a personal study plan that guides your child through their course and tracks their progress.

Stay informed

Staying involved in your child's learning is important. See how your child is improving, how they spend their time, and where they need help.

Help for the whole family

We provide accessible, online maths help for all ages. Benefit from additional savings if you have multiple children who need help.

Students and parents love our maths help
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Leona Bailey
Year 11 maths student, Surrey, UK

I am a fast learner and I am able to grasp maths concepts taught in class quickly. However, my teacher always teaches slowly to accommodate my classmates, which is boring. Also, GCSE is coming up soon and I don't want to waste any more time. With Study Pug, I can learn new topics prior to class and stay ahead. Studying maths is fun and efficient here!

Phoebe Cooper
Parent of Year 9 student, London, UK

My boy needs help on his maths class, but I can't send him to tutoring school. I'm glad I found StudyPug for him. They cover all the topics that we are looking for with in-depth but concise teaching videos on different topics. They also have a lot of maths practice questions available. I don't even need to get him extra exercises.

Elsie Stewart
Year 13 maths student, Bournemouth, UK

StudyPug allows me to learn maths with ease at any time. You are a great study partner for my GCE studies. Thank you so much!

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