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  1. 1Graphing Data
    1. 1.1Reading and drawing bar graphs
    2. 1.2Reading and drawing histograms
    3. 1.3Reading and drawing line graphs
    4. 1.4Box-and-whisker plots and scatter plots
    5. 1.5Reading and drawing Venn diagrams
    6. 1.6Stem-and-leaf plots
    7. 1.7Circle graphs
    8. 1.8Frequency tables and dot plots
    9. 1.9Advantages and disadvantages of different graphs
    10. 1.10Misleading graphs
    11. 1.11Critiquing data presentation
    12. 1.12Frequency distribution and histograms
    13. 1.13Frequency polygons
    14. 1.14Shapes of distributions
  2. 2Designing Studies
    1. 2.1Influencing factors in data collection
    2. 2.2Data collection
    3. 2.3Classification of data
    4. 2.4Sampling methods
    5. 2.5Census and bias
  3. 3Measures of Central Tendency
    1. 3.1Median and mode
    2. 3.2Mean
    3. 3.3Range and outliers
    4. 3.4Application of averages
    5. 3.5Center of a data set: mean, median, mode
  4. 4Measures of Dispersion
    1. 4.1Spread of a data set - standard deviation & variance
    2. 4.2Measures of relative standing - z-score, quartiles, percentiles
  5. 5Discrete Probabilities
    1. 5.1Probability distribution - histogram, mean, variance & standard deviation
    2. 5.2Binomial distribution
    3. 5.3Mean and standard deviation of binomial
    4. 5.4Poisson distribution
    5. 5.5Geometric distribution
    6. 5.6Negative binomial distribution
    7. 5.7Hypergeometric distribution
    8. 5.8Properties of expectation
  6. 6Normal Distribution and Z-Scores
    1. 6.1Introduction to normal distribution
    2. 6.2Normal distribution and continuous random variable
    3. 6.3Z-scores and random continuous variables
    4. 6.4Sampling distributions
    5. 6.5Central limit theorem
    6. 6.6Rare event rule
  7. 7Confidence Intervals
    1. 7.1Point estimates
    2. 7.2Confidence levels and critical values
    3. 7.3Margin of error
    4. 7.4Making a confidence interval
    5. 7.5Confidence intervals to estimate population mean
    6. 7.6Student's t-distribution
    7. 7.7Chi-Squared confidence intervals
  8. 8Bivariate Data
    1. 8.1Scatter plots and Correlations
    2. 8.2Regression analysis
    3. 8.3Equation of the best fit line
  9. 9Permutations and Combinations
    1. 9.1Fundamental counting principle
    2. 9.2Factorial notation
    3. 9.3Path counting problems
    4. 9.4Permutation vs. Combination
    5. 9.5Permutations
    6. 9.6Combinations
    7. 9.7Problems involving both permutations and combinations
    8. 9.8Probability with permutations and combinations
  10. 10Probability
    1. 10.1Introduction to probability
    2. 10.2Organizing outcomes
    3. 10.3Probability of independent events
    4. 10.4Comparing experimental and theoretical probability
    5. 10.5Determining probabilities using tree diagrams and tables
    6. 10.6Probability of independent events
    7. 10.7Probability
    8. 10.8Addition rule for "OR"
    9. 10.9Multiplication rule for "AND"
    10. 10.10Conditional probability
    11. 10.11Laws of total probability
    12. 10.12Bayes' rule
    13. 10.13Probability with Venn diagrams
  11. 11Hypothesis Testing
    1. 11.1Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis
    2. 11.2Proving claims
    3. 11.3Confidence levels, significance levels and critical values
    4. 11.4Test statistics
    5. 11.5Traditional hypothesis testing
    6. 11.6P-value hypothesis testing
    7. 11.7Mean hypothesis testing with t-distribution
    8. 11.8Type 1 and type 2 errors
    9. 11.9Chi-Squared hypothesis testing
    10. 11.10Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    11. 11.11Chi-square goodness of fit test

What is statistics?

Statistics – a word so pervasive and colloquially thrown around in the real world some question "Is statistics math?" Well, we hate to break it to you, but according to Wikipedia, Statistics is defined as the "a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data". While certainly a specialized branch of math, statistics does fall under the discipline of math. In academia, students are most likely to encounter the study of probability and statistics in conjunction with one another. Probability is generally defined as the likelihood something will occur. You have probably heard these terms used interchangeably such as in a seemingly witty sentence beginning with "Statistically speaking the chances of … are …". In math, we assign probability a value between 0 to 1 (i.e. 0% to 100%), where 0 represents impossibility while the value of 1 represents absolute certainty.

What some may find even more surprising is how the study of probability and statistics is actually very interdisciplinary in nature. Most commonly, probability and statistics for engineering and sciences are hot topics in tertiary education that spans the likes of kinesiology, psychology, sociology, life sciences, medicine, and the many types of engineering. Nowadays, stats courses are even catered specifically for the program of study, such as business statistics or statistics for psychology or nursing.

In statistics, the broad objective is data analysis, to achieve the desired outcome of a statistic(s). Typically this may involve the use of an ANOVA, chi-square test, linear regression, and so forth. To analyse data, this requires knowledge of statistics math and probability math. Now armed with the statistic(s) result(s), data can now be interpreted. Unlike most other branches of math however, this final step often involves less math and more writing (good news at last?!). In this day and age, tertiary education has also begun merging the study of statistics with computer science where data is now processed and analysed through computer programming languages/software.

Is statistics hard?

Like most things in life, statistics is hard – but not impossible! Here at StudyPug, we offer all the stats help you require. We understand that some of you already feel stuck even though you are just beginning with basic statistics or perhaps you want to learn statistics but feel defeated or demotivated already – we get it. Do not stop there, while you feel tempted to look up all the AP stats book answers, zone out, or give up trying, know that that does not solve anything. Try us out now for free and let us help you overcome hard stats questions in no time!

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How to learn statistics?

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Learning statistics? Find all the help you need with Statistics right away in one place! Browse through all of the statistics topics we cover and easily find the topic you need help with right away! Just getting started? We have organized our topics and lessons in order of difficulty starting with core concepts and building in succession to more advanced concepts and questions. With 1000's of lessons accompanied by step-by-step examples, we have made easy practice to enhance your learning and to drill in your understanding of all things statistics! Take the stress out of math and let us provide you with all the statistics homework help you need right now with our statistic tutorials. Learn alongside our statistics videos, discover study tips, learn new skills, and apply your understanding by testing yourself with the best practice questions on statistics you can find!

How to pass statistics?

There is no substitute for hard work
Thomas Edison"

To succeed in passing statistics is no small feat. Although at StudyPug we strive to teach you in ways that feels like statistics is made easy, we do not shy away from the fact that passing is going to take a lot of hard work and effort! These are not two mutually exclusive events! Moreover if you plan on doing well at statistics, this is going to be a greater challenge, even though we have made stats for dummies! Learning statistics online has never been easier so start your statistics exam prep today! Our team of well experienced educators have crafted the perfect stats study guide for you and know how to prepare students for all the permutations and combinations of questions you will face in exams, tests, and quizzes!

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