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  1. 1Basic Concepts
    1. 1.1Classification of data
    2. 1.2Sampling methods
    3. 1.3Census and bias
  2. 2Data Representation
    1. 2.1Frequency distribution and histograms
    2. 2.2Frequency polygons
    3. 2.3Stem and leaf plots
    4. 2.4Shapes of distributions
  3. 3Data Interpretation
    1. 3.1Center of a data set: mean, median, mode
    2. 3.2Spread of a data set - standard deviation & variance
    3. 3.3Measures of relative standing - z-score, quartiles, percentiles
    4. 3.4Bivariate, scatter plots and correlation
    5. 3.5Regression analysis
    6. 3.6Equation of the best fit line
  4. 4Discrete Probabilities
    1. 4.1Probability distribution - histogram, mean, variance & standard deviation
    2. 4.2Binomial distribution
    3. 4.3Mean and standard deviation of binomial distribution
    4. 4.4Poisson distribution
    5. 4.5Geometric distribution
    6. 4.6Negative binomial distribution
    7. 4.7Hypergeometric distribution
    8. 4.8Properties of expectation
  5. 5Normal Distribution and Z-score
    1. 5.1Introduction to normal distribution
    2. 5.2Normal distribution and continuous random variable
    3. 5.3Z-scores and random continuous variables
    4. 5.4Sampling distributions
    5. 5.5Central limit theorem
    6. 5.6Rare event rule
  6. 6Confidence Intervals
    1. 6.1Point estimates
    2. 6.2Confidence levels and critical values
    3. 6.3Margin of error
    4. 6.4Making a confidence interval
    5. 6.5Confidence intervals to estimate population mean
    6. 6.6Student's t-distribution
    7. 6.7Chi-Squared confidence intervals
  7. 7Combinatorics
    1. 7.1Fundamental counting principle
    2. 7.2Factorial notation
    3. 7.3Permutation vs. Combination
    4. 7.4Permutations
    5. 7.5Combinations
    6. 7.6Problems involving both permutations and combinations
  8. 8Probability
    1. 8.1Probability with Venn diagrams
    2. 8.2Addition rule for "OR"
    3. 8.3Multiplication rule for "AND"
    4. 8.4Conditional probability
    5. 8.5Probability with permutations and combinations
    6. 8.6Law of total probability
    7. 8.7Bayes' rule
  9. 9Set Theory
    1. 9.1Set notation
    2. 9.2Set builder notation
    3. 9.3Intersection and union of 2 sets
    4. 9.4Intersection and union of 3 sets
  10. 10Hypothesis Testing
    1. 10.1Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis
    2. 10.2Proving claims
    3. 10.3Confidence levels, significance levels and critical values
    4. 10.4Test statistics
    5. 10.5Traditional hypothesis testing
    6. 10.6P-value hypothesis testing
    7. 10.7Mean hypothesis testing with t-distribution
    8. 10.8Type 1 and type 2 errors
    9. 10.9Chi-Squared hypothesis testing
    10. 10.10Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    11. 10.11Chi-square goodness of fit test

What are statistics?

Statistics – the math and science of data collection, analysis, visualization, and interpretation. Typically paired with the study of probability, the study of likelihoods for a particular event, statistics can also be described as the study of events given a series of probabilities. A statistic on the other hand, is the result that is yielded after data is analysed. A statistic can be described as descriptive or inferential. Descriptive statistics provide general summaries such as the distribution, spread and centre of a dataset. Inferential statistics involves data analysis on just a sample of the population to make inferences on the larger population as a whole.

Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.
H.G. Wells

As suggested by Wells, Statistics math and probability math are both important topics you will likely encounter or require further on in life. At the very least, statistics are paramount in helping make major decisions that will have some effect on you. Governments are frequently tasked with collecting statistics from the population to inform them on the status of issues and how they can better serve the public. Academically speaking, be it in this course, an introduction to statistics course, probability and statistics or introduction to probability class, the purpose and study of statistics is to equip with you with strong mathematical induction and deduction skills when faced with data. Furthermore through exposure of the best practices in data collection, data analysis, data representation, and interpretation, the study of statistics aims to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills.

How to learn statistics?

Learning statistics begins here and now at StudyPug! We cover topics that span first and second year statistics courses, business statistics, probability and statistics for engineering and statistics, and even stats for dummies. Learning stats online has never been more easier!

Begin by following along our many statistics videos and let our expert statistics tutor guide you through statistics examples and similar statistical math problems you need help with for that stats homework. Work side by side these statistics tutorials, pause, jump back, or jump ahead - our lessons are available to you 24/7! Some lessons are built on preceding lessons or core concepts, so be sure to build a strong foundation on these fundamental principals. Once you feel confident that you have grasped the essence of the lessons, take your learning a step further by practicing with our inventory of questions! We offer up to 208 unique, mathematical statistics practice questions for this course so take your time in your own convenience of practicing whenever or wherever you may be! This final step is best way to solidify and reinforce your learning so we highly recommend not skipping this last step!

Remember that our lessons and tutors are always there for you – experiencing difficulty in solving a specific question? Revisit the topic lesson, revise the different examples and go through the steps in solving similar problems. Learn the key tidbits and pointers to help you remember how to tackle similar questions effortlessly!

Looking for a specific Statistics Course or topic?

While there are a lot of Statistics topics covered here, some may be out of the scope of your current stats class. Visit us here at our Statistics Help page where we have listed ALL things statistical just for you!

Is statistics hard?

Here at StudyPug we do our best to give you all the stats help you need because we know that statistics can be hard. Perhaps you have already become aware that statistics is still math and you are no good at math. Therefore you have already come to the conclusion that statistics is hard and that this is going to be a tedious and painful experience. But just like Geometry, Calculus, Abstract Algebra, or Trigonometry, there are challenges and topics that are going to be more difficult than others.

The good news for you is that our stats tutors have ensured that statistics made easy is a reality here at StudyPug! With our stats study guide, we have all levels of statistics covered starting from basic statistics, stats for dummies all the way up to advanced university statistics! Use our resources to clear up your confusions with confidence intervals, distinguish between permutations and combinations, identify different types of distributions in statistics, and know the importance of hypothesis testing. Leave with no question unanswered and discover new study skills and tips to maximize your time revising!

Never fret over troubling statistic questions again and receive statistics homework help instantly with our stats tutors always at the ready! Missed statistics class? We have you covered - take on that test, quiz, or homework assignment with confidence and learn statistics online with us. Trust us to take you through the most challenging topics and come out of our lessons a master of statistics and with a renewed attitude towards statistics!

How to pass statistics?

So you have made it this far in the course and need help with that upcoming midterm, or exam. Fear not, StudyPug can get you up to speed with our comprehensive statistics review regime! Our stats tutors are well acquainted with how to help students with their statistics exam prep. With a wealth of testing experience under their belts, our tutors are well informed as to what to expect in your upcoming exam, and how to prepare for it. A stats test can be overwhelming and intimidating with all the material that needs to be covered, so be sure to plan and exercise statistics revision habits well in advance!

Revise statistics topics that you need help with by watching or re-watching our video lessons. With over 1000's of lessons and step-by-step examples, we have made easy practice out of statistics for you! Quickly refresh your memory on concepts, learn and understand the steps required to solve your statistical problems. Don't stop at watching video lessons, as practice is quintessential for you to pass statistics! By practicing you are actually testing your knowledge and understanding of the topics, so consider this as a practice test! Do as many questions you can and exhaust our supply of practice questions! Our tutors, in helping you prepare for that exam, quiz, or test, have handpicked these questions and identified these questions as the same kinds to expect in your upcoming assessments! With our 24/7 help and 24/7 online statistics course access, revise up till the very end if you have to! Our short yet all encompassing video lessons will give you all the statistics help you need and meet your crash course statistics needs. Never lose sleep again over worrying about how to pass statistics, let us help you put that fear to rest and ace that test!

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