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Just like your Statistics class or textbook, our comprehensive stats help includes topics such as Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis testing, Probability, Regression, Correlation, Empirical rule, T-test, Standard deviation, and more. Learn the concepts with our stats tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest statistics problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of statistics practice.

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Common Questions
My Statistics textbook is called The Practice of Statistics. Can your statistics math course help?

Yes! We cover all the topics in your textbook. Our statistics class also contains help on all materials you will find in other common textbooks, such as Mathematical Statistics with Applications, Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Elementary Statistics, and Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists.

I’m taking Business Statistics in a college. Is this the right course for me?

Our College Statistics help contains lessons covering materials from basic statistics to college statistics. We have video tutorials on any topics from first and up to second year stats courses!

What are the prerequisites for Statistics?

A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 2 or Precalculus, and after you mastered Statistics, your follow up course should be either Calculus 1 or AP Calculus AB.

Customer Reviews
4.7 stars based on 7 total reviews
Taylor Black

In my AP statistics course, I felt I was in over my head. When it came to homework, I was completely lost. I originally tried to ask classmates, but it was clear that they didn’t quite have the time to help me out. When I found StudyPug, I found the statistics help I needed. Thanks Studypug!

Fernando Mendes

I tried several ways to understand my business statistics course in my B.Com program and even got a Statistics for Dummies book off Amazon. It ended up feeling like I was reading two textbooks instead. StudyPug’s videos are refreshing and a very good guide that can take you from a problem’s start to finish. Will be continuing my subscription for sure.

Janet V.

The probability and statistics professor might as well have been speaking another language for all I knew. I wish I had taken AP statistics in high school prior to university, but it’s a little late for regrets. Luckily, I was recommended StudyPug by a friend and it really helped me understand concepts that I failed to grasp in class.

Brenton Massey

If you’re looking for something beyond your typical “introduction to statistics” textbook, I’d definitely recommend StudyPug. It’s the statistics help that I needed that was available on-the-go. I didn’t have to worry about not understanding the steps in between the question and the answer key since StudyPug walks me through what is statistics completely.

Aaron Hector

When my son started his first semester in college, we were prepared to get him a private tutor since math was not his forte, but was a required course. He ended up finding StudyPug online and saw that it covered college statistics. It’s very affordable and we saw results when my son got a great mark at the end of the term, and got to pick his classes early for the next semester!

Julia Wilkins

I didn’t even understand basic statistics when I first got into college. The graphs, charts, and applications were all foreign to me. I heard from an engineer friend that he uses StudyPug for calculus and I was happy to find that they offered courses that covered probability and statistics. Got my subscription and never turned back!

Robert de Jong

I needed something to help me brush up on business statistics for my market research certificate. I was a little worried about StudyPug being entirely online at first since I’m not the most tech savvy person, but I found it very easy and intuitive to use. I have a day job, so I’m able to access the courses late at night or during my commutes. I see no reason not to recommend StudyPug.

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