Areas and sectors of circles

  1. How to find the area of a sector?
  1. Find the areas of the circles with the given information below.
    1. Radius is 6 cm
    2. Diameter is 18 mm
  2. Find.
    i) Area of the circle
    ii) The area of the shaded sector

    1. Calculate the area of sectors of circles given arc length and radius

    2. Areas and sectors of circles

    3. Finding the shaded area of the circle with the angle and arc length given
  3. Linda wants to get pizzas for her house party. She has invited 10 friends over. A 12-inch pizza is enough for 4 people. An 8-inch pizza is $7, while a 12-inch pizza is $12. How many 8-inch pizzas and 12-inch pizzas does she need to order, if:
    1. she wants to spend the least amount of money?
    2. she wants to have 4 pizzas and spend as little as possible?
    3. she wants to eat as much outer crust as possible?