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Our comprehensive lessons on algebra help cover topics including Solving inequalities, Exponents, Matrices, Solving linear equations, Domain and Range, Factoring polynomials, Quadratic equations, Graphing inequalities, just to name a few. Learn the concepts with our video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest algebra problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of algebra practice.

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Common Questions
I’m taking Algebra 3 in high school. Is your college algebra help the right course for me?

Yes. You can find anything you need in this course. Depending on your algebra teacher and school, some of you may touch on a bit of Trig topics, and need help with Trigonometry. No worries. Your subscription gives to unlimited access to all courses!

Your college algebra help is great, but what if I need to review more basic algebra problems in a case that I am stuck on a question. Can I do it here?

This course is designed for college algebra. If you need help on more basic concepts which are not covered in this course, you may look at other courses such as Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. It’s all included in your subscription.

What are the prerequisites for College Algebra?

A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 and after you mastered College Algebra, your follow up course should be either Calculus 1 or Statistics or Business Calculus.

Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 10 total reviews
Allen Cobb

I’ve always struggled with the algebra problems that I’ve had to take home from school. My algebra textbook was hard to follow and my algebra test marks came back poorly. Even college algebra for dummies books didn't help. I tried out StudyPug’s free trial before one of my exams and found the college algebra tutors here to be really helpful. I could practice examples with guided help. I wish I had known about StudyPug earlier!

Olivia K.

I like using StudyPug’s college algebra practice problems before my exams. I’ve found that the algebra problems are very similar to what I get tested on at college. There’s a good mix of basic algebra problems, as well as harder ones to really test your understanding. More importantly, many of those problems have their own solution video done by the college algebra tutors here. I’m now a lot less scared going into tests and feel a lot more prepared!

Marco Finley

My daughter has always hated math—always! Even back in high school, she’s been having problems following lessons, or found classes to move too fast. When she learned she’ll have to deal with college algebra problems in her upcoming courses, she became very anxious. Luckily, we learned about StudyPug online college tutorials from a family friend and we were able to get my duaghter the college algebra help she needed! There’s lots of algebra practice problems and she could watch videos when she needed to. Just in time to help lessen stress before a tough school year!

Henrik Jensen

For the past 2 years, my son has been using StudyPug for college algebra tutoring. I remember not being able to give him algebra help since it’s been awhile since I’ve touched on the topic myself. He insisted on continuing his subscription rather than getting another college algebra tutor after trying out some algebra 1 worksheets and algebra practice problems. StudyPug was definitely a great resource to find!

Karen P.

I had a student who had a lot of trouble following my college algebra curriculum in class. They asked if there was any way for them to get more algebra problems to work on at home, but other than algebra practice tests from past years, I didn’t have much more to offer. I suggested they look online to see if there were good sites with examples, and they came back and told me about StudyPug college algebra tutorials. I’m impressed with the quality of content on the site and have since recommended a few more of my students to try their college algebra problems. Happy to say their marks have definitely been improving!

Hubert Chapman

Love StudyPug as my college algebra tutor!! I’m not always able to take clear notes in class and I love having access 24/7 to online college algebra tutoring videos to teach me step-by-step concepts I may have missed. I’ve been making use of their solving inequalities worksheet for my last algebra test and it was super useful!

Winnie Fields

As much as I’d like to spend time explaining each question to my students taking the college-algebra course that I teach, I just can’t afford that kind of time commitment to individual students. I heard about StudyPug from a parent and realized their college algebra step-by-step tutorials were exactly the algebra help I had hoped to provide to my students if I were able to do one-on-one sessions. I definitely recommend my students to learn college algebra on the site!

Gabriel Lynn

I am a mature student and I haven’t had math for a long time. That’s why I am reviewing math with StudyPug and khan academy college algebra help this summer to get myself ready for my class in the coming fall semester. I am now getting better in solving algebra problems because StudyPug makes it easier to understand math!

Nicola Schuller

I really enjoyed using StudyPug for my college algebra class. Thanks to it, I aced the class! StudyPug and tiger algebra calculator were my two secret weapons for my college algebra course. I was so dumb that I didn’t know there are such wonderful tools available online before.

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19Graphing Rational Functions

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Claudia Marshall
College algebra, Delta State University

As a student on a tight budget, you guys are just amazing. It gives me a chance to get math help from quality tutors at a good price. I also love your video collection because it covers everything and it is very accessible. I can’t prepare for my math exams without you.

Trevor McDanile
College algebra, University of Louisville

You are such a great tool for exam preparations. I can not only find answers for the most difficult questions, but I can also revisit all the fundamentals from lower grades. Looking up all those on textbooks is just too time consuming, but it’s just a few clicks on StudyPug.

Yuri Matsumoto
College algebra, University of North Florida

My class and work schedule makes it difficult for me to get a regular tutor. StudyPug allows me to study whenever I want. The flexibility helps me big time because I can handle work without missing a bit on studying.

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