15 Tips to Creating Winning College Application Essays

  1. Always proofread before sending them out

Yup, this is the most fundamental step in every write ups that you would ever make in your life time. Proofread your essay before even hitting the send button. You don’t want to be giving out faulty write ups to your dream Colleges.

  1. Have someone read it

There are just some things that we would always fail to notice, so it would be best to have someone read it so they could give you their honest opinion about it. If you doubt your grammar, it would be very good to consult people like your friends and your family; also it’s great to have them see how they’d react to your writing.



  1. Make it memorable

Most of the admissions officers in the world say that the College Application Essays can be one of the most important or the least important requirements for a college application. Grades can help predict your academic performance. The essay on one hand would provide them more insights on who you are. So be sure to make every single sentence count.

  1. Be open to corrections

Now we might not be able to get approval from our friends and family who read our write up, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re never going to get it right. Just keep on rewriting it until it becomes the best essay you ever wrote about.

  1. When we say open, we mean…

No matter what happens, minimize the possibility of letting anyone else tell you what to write or how you should write it. Let the essay be something that came from your thoughts.

  1. Be sure to answer the question provided

Stick to the topic. Remember that the question is asked to see how you would respond to it, so don’t go scribbling thoughts that aren’t related to it. It would be best to have everything outlined before you begin writing your answer.

  1. Breathe, don’t over think

Take time to think about the given topic, but don’t go overanalyzing it. Keep everything simple but memorable, straight to the point but not boring, entertaining but not senseless.

  1. Speak from your heart

It pays to have people get to know more about how you feel. Plus it gives a certain authenticity than just plain writing. Just imagine you are talking to whoever would read it and pour it all out in that piece of paper.

  1. Be original

There are plenty of templates in the internet, sure it solves the problem of thinking what to say or how to say thing, but remember that people who are screening these materials have developed a strong eye for non-authentic things.

  1. Don’t go using too complex words

Sure you want to impress people and get them reading your feelings and thoughts, so you go pull out a thesaurus with you, but keep in mind that you keep your words should be simple, what matters is how you put your simple words into something that could wow people.

  1. Take your time

Schedule on when to make your essay, writing takes all the right amount of timing to get what you want properly laid on with strings of words and paragraphs so make sure that you find time to make your essay. Never ever rush it, haste makes waste.

  1. Keep it short but meaty

Admissions officers have loads of paper to read through, so it would be best to make an essay that would catch their attention automatically. Keep it brief and gritty.

  1. Coherence is a must

Earlier, you were told to make sure your answer is in line with the topic given, now other than that, make sure that everything that’s in the essay has coherence, otherwise it would just look like a piece of paper filled with random things.

  1. Be humorous but…

Well, it pays to have strong sense of humor but make sure that it’s not all over the place when you write your essay. It’s great to be witty with it, but make sure you don’t go overboard. You’ll never know how that person would take it.

  1. Ask yourself this…

What would set me apart? There are thousands of applicants all around the country and all of them are trying to win a slot in the same university you are aiming for, so now would definitely be the best time to ask yourself this question and have it reflected in your essay, directly or indirectly depending on the prompt.

  1. Build up your confidence

Even when this is just a piece of material that you wrote, confidence has its way of showing itself through this. The choice of words for example would give a fair glimpse of it, as well as how you articulate your thoughts. So put into mind that you’re capable of impressing them and that you have all of your heart poured into it.