Online Video Tutoring – Why it Works

Night after night across kitchen tables in North America, alongside their parents, many students struggle to complete their math homework.

With no teacher by their side, it can be very frustrating for students to fully understand a complex topic. In problem subjects like math, many families are turning to online math tutoring for the additional support they need.

Technology is Changing How We Learn

The problem with traditional in-person tutoring is that it often isn’t there when the student needs the help. This is why video tutoring is on the rise and is proving to be a great solution for those looking for an option that is effective, affordable and provides 24/7 access.

It can also assist in mastery learning, where a student can view a complex problem as many times as they need to.

There is a reason the educational use of video on campuses is accelerating rapidly in departments across all disciplines throughout North America; it’s because it works.

For a quick overview of the benefits of video learning, check out the infographic below.


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