Tips to Help You ACE Your Next Math Test

We know that math is hard, everyone does.

If you have a record of bad math tests, or feel that you can’t understand math no matter how hard you try, math tests are nightmares. But we are here to help. We want to assure you that math is doable by anyone once you have the basic approaches sorted and figured out what techniques best work for you.

We want to share with you 8 tips compiled by our tutors that will help you ace your next math test:

  1. Be prepared. Nothing is free or easy. A great mark in math is based on hard work and preparation. You need to take the time and be prepared in order to do well.
  2. Do your homework. Practice makes perfect! Students that do well in math tests are the ones that have seen the question before and practiced the steps to get to the right answer.
  3. Review your textbook. Textbooks aren’t just for carrying around in your backpacks. You need to understand the basic fundamentals and concepts before you can apply it to a practical math problem. The textbook teaches you those basics and shows you how to solve problems.
  4. Review the questions at the back of the chapter. The questions that get asked at the end of each chapter in your textbook are those that will be asked in tests and exams. If you don’t complete those questions, how do you expect to know how to do them in a test?
  5. Study in a group. Studying in a group is motivating and makes it fun. You don’t feel that you are alone and if you have a question likely one of your group mates can help you through it.
  6. Focus. Make sure that the location you are studying in and the people who are around you are not distracting. You need to focus and pay attention in order to learn and practice effectively. The world is filled with too many distractions these days!
  7. Visualize success. If you say to yourself you aren’t going to do well that isn’t going to help you. You need to imagine what a good mark looks or feels like. Mentally your brain will want to succeed and force yourself to work towards that.
  8. Study ahead. Use tools like StudyPug to keep you focused and on track leading up to your test or exam so you aren’t studying last minute and have time for the information to absorb.

Do you have a math test or exam coming up? Use these tips to help you ACE it!

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