Differences between Math Tutors and Math Teachers Pt 1


Math Teachers vs. Math Tutors: Theory-based and Example-based Learning

When it comes to teaching and learning math, students learn at different paces and in different ways. There are two different types of learning – theory-based and example-based.

Teachers are tasked with educating students in their class on various theories, concepts and facts. Teachers must find the most efficient and effective way to teach upwards of 30 students the same theory in the same way, when likely all 30 students don’t learn and think the same way. Teachers assign homework and test students based on practical examples that they may or may not have taught in the classroom.

Tutors work with students after they have been in the classroom with the teachers and have been taught the theories. Tutors focus on the examples in the back of the textbook and the questions that will be on the quizzes and tests. Tutors are usually one-on-one and can adapt to the needs of the individual student and how they learn.

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