Differences between Math Tutors and Math Teachers Pt 2

Math Teachers vs. Math Tutors: Distracted Learning Environment

The classroom and the environment in which students learn in impact their ability to absorb and understand information. Some students can focus easier than others and block out the distractions while trying to learn, but others cannot.

Teachers have more than one goal in their day, they have to do more then just teach the class the curriculum. They have to focus on class management such as attendance, misbehaving students, time management, lesson management, etc. Teachers have a lot to think about in one day and so do the students. Students are hearing other students ask questions, whisper and make comments while they are trying to listen to the teacher and learn. They are also thinking about what they are going to do at lunch and who they are going to see after school.

Tutors see students in a one-on-one setting with the ability to minimize distractions. Tutoring sessions typically last 1-2 hours making it easier to grab the students’ attention. The tutors number one priority is to stay focused and work through the problems the student is having in the allotted time.

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