What is Example-Based Learning?

Example-based learning is when you provide sample math questions or problems to help students learn. This allows students to apply the fundamentals and principles they learned to actual math problems.

Today’s Teaching Environment   

Given the limitations of lesson time and class management , teachers are forced to focus on the concepts and theories to help students understand the fundamentals during class. They then assign homework where the students must apply those fundamentals to the assigned math problems.

This is where students run into trouble. If students do not understand the theories enough to apply it to the assigned homework, they run into frustration and fall behind in the class.

Students need to see different types of examples to facilitate learning and truly understand the concepts. In quizzes and tests, examples are what they are being graded on. Unfortunately, example-based learning is not always an option in the typical North American schooling environment.

The Need for Tutoring

Example-based learning is practical and useful as students are able to see how the theory is used in real life examples and math problems. If teachers do not have time to run through examples of how to do different math problems in class, students will need to turn to someone or something else to get the support they need to do well in the class. Not all students are able to learn from the textbook and class notes. Especially with math, students need step-by-step examples of how to complete various problems.

StudyPug as the Perfect Solution

Not only does StudyPug touch on the concepts students learn in class but we also provide example-based learning meant to complement teacher’s lesson plans. We provide our students with examples they can relate to in a practical and useful way. This allows students to learn and understand the theories quickly. Students can see the theories they learned in class applied to real life examples.

At StudyPug we show students how to do the questions that matter, the ones that will be on quizzes and tests.

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