Study Guide: Grade 9 EQAO Assessment of Math (MPM1D)

Study Guide: Grade 9 EQAO Assessment of Math (MPM1D)

10 must-know facts about ON Grade 9 EQAO Assessment of Mathematics (MPM1D)

  1. All students who are in grade 9 and live in Ontario are all required to take EQAO’s tests.
  2. EQAO assessments of math take place in a two-week period in January and a two-week period in late May and early June.
  3. 1 out of every 6 grade 9 students failed the EQAO assessment of math!
  4. The questions on grade 9 EQAO are written in specific key words! Make sure you know what they mean and what kind of answers they are looking for.
  5. The layout of the booklet has changed in 2015! You need to write all your answers, both multiple-choice and open-response, in a separate booklet. NOTHING written in the question booklets will be graded.
  6. Don’t memorize all the formulas and equations! You will be provided with a formula sheet during the exam.
  7. Calculators are required to write the exam.
  8. You will receive EQAO’s individual student report from school in September of the next school year.
  9. The mark from the assessment is worth up to 30% of your Math 9 final mark varying among schools.
  10. Results are reported based the province’s four levels. Level 3 means “meeting the provincial standard” and corresponds to 70 – 79%.


How will it look like?

Types of Questions


Part A

14 Multiple-choice + 4 written response 60 minutes

Part B

14 Multiple-choice + 4 written response 60 minutes

Part C

Questionnaire 10 – 15 minutes

*You will also be given formula sheet. (So you don’t need to memorize all the formulas!)


What will it cover?


No. of Questions

A: Measurement

B: Algebra and Number 18
C: Relations and Functions 27


Descriptions of topics

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A: Number sense and Algebra
A1 – Operations of exponents
A2 – Manipulate expressions and Solve equations
B: Linear Relations
B1 – Use data management to investigate relationships
B2 – Understand characteristics of linear relations
B3 – Connect various representations of linear relations
C: Analytic Geometry
C1 – Investigate the relationship between the equation of a relation and the shape of its graph
C2 – Investigate the properties of slope
C3 – Use the properties of linear relations to solve problems
D: Measurement and Geometry
D1 – Investigate the optimal values of measurements
  • Find the minimum and maximum surface area of a rectangle with a given perimeter (forthcoming in grade 11)
  • How change in the surface area affects the volume and vice versa
  • Word problems involving minimum and maximum dimensions of geometric shapes
D2 – Solve problems involving perimeter, area, surface area, and volume
D3 – Investigate and apply geometric relationships
  • Properties and relationships of the interior and exterior angles of polygons
  • Word problems related to geometric properties


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Useful links
  • StudyPug – Unlimited online math help. Get yourself prepared for any math exams anytime and anywhere!
  • Think you are ready for the assessment? Test yourself on these EQAO’s sample exam questions on the Education Quality and Accountability Office website!
  • EQAO’s tests in Math only take place twice a year. Check out the test administration schedule to create a better study plan.

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