Study Guide/Survival Kit for Grade 10 Math Provincial Exam in BC

Did you know 1 out of every 6 students failed their math 10 provincial exam?

No worries! Here’s a study guide on how you can get ready and a good grade in the exam.


10 must-know facts about BC math 10 provincial exams

  1. All students who are in grade 10 and live in British Columbia are all required to take the provincial exams.
  2. BC provincial exams actually take place in almost two months.
  3. About one third of the students only got a C- or even fail their math 10 provincial exam! (Better start studying for the exams early).
  4. Don’t memorize all the formulas and equations! You will be provided with data pages during the exam.
  5. Only dedicated calculators are allowed and must be inspected by a teacher before the exam. (Check out the Calculator Policy for detail.)
  6. You can check you marks on EdAccess with your Personal Education Number (PEN) on the Ministry of Education website.
  7. The mark from provincial exam is worth 20% of your Math 10 final mark.
  8. Students can rewrite the provincial exams only once after 12 months of writing it the first time. After the second attempt, the student needs to retake the course so that he/she can rewrite the exam again.
  9. If you have taken the exam more than one time, the Ministry of Education will only take whichever mark is higher.
  10. If you have questions about the mark, you can request a re-marking through your school office.


How will it look like?

Types of Questions

No. of Questions Time-allowed Worth

Calculator permitted (Y/N)

Part A

Multiple-choice 12 40 minutes 20% N
Part B Multiple-choice 42 75 minutes 70%


Part C Numeric-response 6 15 minutes 10%


*You will also be given data pages. (So you don’t need to memorize all the formulas!)


What will it cover?


No. of Questions

A: Measurement

B: Algebra and Number


C: Relations and Functions




Descriptions of topics

(Click on the links for FREE math help videos 🙂)

A: Measurement

A1 – Linear Measurement

  • What are SI and imperial units
  • estimate strategies
  • measurement strategies, use instruments like rulers, calipers and measuring tape.

A2 – Conversions within/between SI and imperial units

A3 – Find the surface area and volume of 3-D object

A4 – Solve problems using trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent)

B: Algebra and Number

B1 – Understanding of factors of whole numbers

B2 – Understanding of irrational numbers

  • Represent, identify and simplify irrational numbers
  • Order irrational numbers

B3 – Understanding of powers with integral and rational exponents

B4 – Multiplication of polynomial expressions

B5 – Common factors and trinomial factoring

C: Relations and Functions

C1 – Relationships among data, graphs and situations

C2 – Understanding of relations and functions

C3 – Understanding of slope

C4 – Describe and represent linear relations:

  • Identify the independent and dependent variables
  • Determine if a situation, a table of values, an equation or a graph represents a linear relation
  • Graph a set of ordered pairs
  • Match corresponding representations of linear relations

C5 – Characteristics of the graphs of linear relations

C6 – Expressions of linear relations

C7 – Find the equation of a linear relation

C8 – Use function notation to express a linear function

  • Write the equation of a linear relation in two variable or function notation
  • Find the domain and range
  • Graph an equation in function notation

C9 – Solve problems related to linear equations


Want to watch more? Check out the entire package of Math 10 provincial exam practice questions on YouTube.

Useful links

  • StudyPug – Unlimited online math help. Get yourself prepared for any math exams anytime and anywhere!
  • Math 10 provincial exams take place in almost every two months. Look at the complete exam schedule, and plan ahead.

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