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Get better maths marks with our complete Year 6 maths help, whether it’s for National curriculum in England (Key stage 2), National curriculum in Wales (Key stage 2), or reviewing for Year 6 maths SAT (National Curriculum Maths test). We got you all covered!

Keeping with your class or textbook, our thorough help for year 6 maths help includes topics such as Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Surface area and Volume, Integers, Coordinates, Symmetry, Circles, and more. Learn the concepts with our video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest year 6 maths questions. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of year 6 maths practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Year 6 maths teachers. Let’s finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
My textbook is Mathematics Year 6 by Galore Park. Is your year 6 maths help right for me?

Yes! We cover all the topics you’ll find in your textbook. For those who use other year 6 maths textbooks like Abacus Year 6 Textbook 3 – don’t worry, we have maths help on everything in your textbook too.

How do I get my child ready for the KS 2 maths SAT with StudyPug?

First of all, you can try to identify the topics with which your child needs help. Access your child with the year 6 maths questions available on our site would be a good start. Once you know where your child should put more effort on, you may ask your child to watch our video lessons on those topics, and then access them again. Your child should be ready for the KS2 SAT or any maths quizzes in no time!

What class should I take after year 6 maths?

After mastering Grade 6 math, your follow up course should be Year 7 Maths.

Customer Reviews
4.8 stars based on 6 total reviews
Issac Clarke

I really like using StudyPug, especially when my mom isn’t around or if my dad can’t help me.

Kristen Hill

StudyPug’s courses are very easy to navigate. That’s why I use it to help teach my y6 pupils for their KS2 assessments. It covers the topics very well, and their practice problems help revise the concepts brilliantly.

Louisa Benn

I was looking online for some SATs papers for my child who’s doing y6 maths. I couldn’t find any that properly aligned with what my son was learning, and there were a lot of practice problems that didn’t provide answers for my son to double check his work. StudyPug not only has maths questions, they also provide solutions. For example problems, they’ll actually have an instructor in a video walk you through them, and my son loves those. StudyPug is working wonderfully for him and I’m glad we found out about this site!

Jerome G.

The parents in my school all know that the y6 maths teacher is rubbish. That’s when someone from my circle of parent friends told us about StudyPug. Our children’s SATs were coming up and we couldn’t all afford private tutors. StudyPug is a great alternative. When I sat down to talk with my daughter’s teacher, he reported that she was excelling at maths!

Victoria H.

It was worrying when my daughter first started taking her maths quiz home. She was failing, and I couldn’t teach the concepts to her properly. Neither could her school, it seemed. Back at home, we signed her up to try out StudyPug. We’ve found that the teachers break down topics and then instantly show examples of what is learned through a question. It’s maths help that works.

Sarah McConnell

My child wanted to do maths revision prior to his SATs. We knew we’d probably be able to find a free online maths test, but I’m glad we decided to go with StudyPug. He’s able to complete questions in record time (he used to take hours!), and get the correct answers. I’m no longer worried about his SATs papers.

UK Year 6 Maths Topics

We have plenty of free lessons for you to watch

8Rates and Ratios


11Introduction to Variables and Expressions

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Carson E.

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

Jason G.
high school senior

This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

Aaron M.
high school student

"I get a whole library of videos that covers everything from basic to complex mathematics for a very low monthly price. Excellent videos, easy-to-understand and most of all they work. My math test results are 10 points higher than last semester.”

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