Factoring polynomials: ax^2 + bx + c

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  1. Overview of factoring polynomials with a coefficient in front of x2x^2
  1. Factor the following:
    1. 9x2+3x−2{9x^2+3x-2}
    2. 21x2−41x+10{21x^2-41x+10}
    3. 8x2+x−9{8x^2+x-9}
    4. 15x2−16x−15{15x^2-16x-15}
  2. Factor with common factoring first
    1. −36x2−96xy−64y2{-36x^2-96xy-64y^2}
    2. −3a2(b+1)2−2a(b+1)2+5(b+1)2{-3a^2(b+1)^2-2a(b+1)^2+5(b+1)^2}
  3. Factor with unusual exponents
    1. −6x8a+17x4ay4b−10y8b{-6x^{8a}+17x^{4a}y^{4b}-10y^{8b}}
Topic Notes
Before starting this lesson, check your understanding on how to factor x2+bx+c{x^2 + bx + c}
we talked about in the other lesson first. The coefficient, a, in front of x2{x^2}
can make it a bit more challenging, but we will show you the tricks to make it easy!