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Get better math marks with our complete 7th grade math help. We've got you covered – whether it's 7th Grade Common Core Math, EngageNY 7th grade math, 7th grade math TEKS (STAAR), or 7th grade math EOG!

Keeping with your textbook and class, our 7th grade math video lessons walk you through all topics such as, Fractions, Proportional relationships, Unit rate, Distributive property, Solving equations, Circles, Volume and area, Statistics and probability, and so many more. Learn the concepts with our tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest 7th grade math problems. Then, reinforce your understanding with tons of 7th grade math practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced 7th grade math teachers. Let's finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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Common Questions
My textbook is called Go Math 7th grade. Is your 7th grade math help right for my class?

Of course! We have math help in all topics you'll find in your textbook. Not just Go Math, we also cover all topics in other common 7th grade math textbooks including Big Ideas math book 6th grade, McGraw Hill 6th grade math, Holt McDougal 6th grade math.

I homeschool my kid by following the Saxon math 7th grade curriculum. Does your 7th grade math help have what we need?

Definitely. We are a great additional resource to your child's learning as we have complete walkthrough solutions to all of our 6th grade math problems. Also, your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to all math help across all courses. Therefore, you can skip, review and learn any materials anytime based on your child's progress and needs.

What course should I take after 7th grade math?

After mastering 7th grade math, your follow up course should be 8th grade math or Pre-algebra . If you want to review some of the previous concepts you have learned before, check out 6th grade math .

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4.7 stars based on 11 reviews.
Damian Penn

I can’t believe that teaching my son doing his 7th grade math worksheets can be such a difficult task. The 7th grade math is easy, but explaining that to kids is very hard. I think the 7th grade math tutors here are doing a very good job because they can talk about those math problems in a plain and simple matter. It is impressive.

Josh Wildman

7th grade math class is boring because my teacher is always teaching the same thing all the time, but it is so different here. Every 7th grade math videos are short and easy to understand. I learn more math her than going to school. Can we just replace her with the 7th grade math tutor here?

Mandy Carlson

My whole family relocated to another state 3 months ago. Everything was fine, except my son’s struggle in the math class. Although the school followed the 7th grade common core math closely, the teaching material and the actual curriculum are very different from my son’s previous school. Therefore, my son needed to catch up on the materials that he hadn’t learnt. It was tough at first until we found StudyPug 7th grade math tutoring. We can pick the math problems that he needs to learn and study together. My daughter also started using StudyPug now. It is all going so well. Thank you.

Scott Denton

I was so scared of my 7th grade math test because I couldn’t do the math fast enough in the test. I am so happy that StudyPug teaches me the tricks to solve math problems quickly. I also like their 7th grade math practice so much. Now my grade is improving. Thanks a lot!

Robert Coleman

I wish I could spot StudyPug sooner. The material here is much better than many 7th grade math textbooks. My daughter loves watching the video lessons to learn 7th grade math because the teachers here are interesting and good at teaching. I recommend this site to all homeschooling parents and parents who are looking for 7th grade math tutoring service.

Remy Johnston

As a 7th grade math tutor, I am always looking for resources for my students. However, good stuffs are rare. Most textbooks are more or less the same. Materials from random websites are not always reliable. StudyPug is different. They have the 7th grade math curriculum matches the common core standards. They offer 7th grade math step-by-step solutions videos which explain question in more detail than most textbooks. In addition, some of the problem solving methods and study tips are so unique and useful that they can’t be founded in regular textbooks. Overall, it is an excellent math website.

Christine Mercer

My math class is so bad. I learn more from reading 7th grade math for dummies. If my math teacher is one of the 7th grade math tutors from StudyPug, learning math will be much more fun. Unlike my boring school teacher, teachers here can even make 7th grade math word problems look interesting. I love it!

Lindsay Fisher

It can be stressful to learn 7th grade math and to make it easier, we gave our daughter a Studyug account so she can have 7th grade math tutoring lessons. She now finds math a lot easier and fun!

Noah Dugan

We like for our son to be ready for the 7th grade math state test and we are thankful for StudyPug for helping him get ready for the test. Our son feels he is ready to take the test!

Sharon Curtis

My 7th grader loves the 7th grade summer math packet that StudyPug offers and he enjoys studying math even during summer!

Brigette Lana

I have been using the 7th grade math review from StudyPug and I wish I had used it on my 6th grade, I could have done better!

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Carson E.

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

Jason G.
high school senior

This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

Aaron M.
high school student

I get a whole library of videos that covers everything from basic to complex mathematics for a very low monthly price. Excellent videos, easy-to-understand and most of all they work. My math test results are 10 points higher than last semester.

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