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  1. 1Introduction to Differential Equations
    1. 1.1Introduction to differential equations
  2. 2First Order Differential Equations
    1. 2.1Slope fields
    2. 2.2Separable differential equations
    3. 2.3Exact differential equations
    4. 2.4Integrating factor technique
    5. 2.5Bernoulli equations
    6. 2.6Interval of validity
    7. 2.7Modeling with differential equations
    8. 2.8Equilibrium solutions
    9. 2.9Euler's method
  3. 3Second Order Differential Equations
    1. 3.1Homogeneous linear second order differential equations
    2. 3.2Characteristic equation with real distinct roots
    3. 3.3Characteristic equation with complex roots
    4. 3.4Characteristic equation with repeated roots
    5. 3.5Reduction of order
    6. 3.6Wronskian
    7. 3.7Method of undetermined coefficients
    8. 3.8Applications of second order differential equations
  4. 4Laplace Transforms
    1. 4.1Introduction to the laplace transform
    2. 4.2Calculating laplace transforms
    3. 4.3Inverse laplace transforms
    4. 4.4Solving differential equations with the laplace transform
    5. 4.5Step functions
    6. 4.6Solving differential equations with step functions
    7. 4.7Dirac delta function
    8. 4.8Convolution integral
  • Should I take Linear Algebra before Differential Equations?

    Differential equations and Linear algebra are more or less independent of each other. Some schools might recommend students to take Linear algebra first, but it is not necessary. Sometimes students even take differential equations and linear algebra concurrently.

  • What should I take before taking Differential Equations?

    The pre-requisites of this course should be Calculus 1 (a.k.a. Differential calculus or Differentiation) and Calculus 2 (a.k.a. Integral calculus or Integration) because ODE involves a lot of integration calculations. If you need to review on materials learned from previous semesters, no worries! Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to all math help in all courses

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