7.1 Graphing reciprocals of quadratic functions

Now that we have already been acquainted with the absolute value function, we are also going to study the Reciprocal functions or inverse functions. There are several types of reciprocal functions and in this chapter, we will focus on f(x) = 1/x Contrary to a regular function, which has one graph, a reciprocal function has two curves in its graph.

The graph of reciprocal functions also has very particular characteristics. First characteristic is that there are two asymptotes, the horizontal asymptote which is at x=0 and the vertical asymptote which is at y=0. Asymptotes are simple parts of the plane that the two curves will not touch. The second characteristic is that the curves of the graph of a reciprocal function are rectangular hyperbola, which means that the asymptotes are perpendicular to each other.

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Graphing reciprocals of quadratic functions


  • 1.
    Use the information in each diagram to determine the value of the variable
    Give your answers to the nearest hundredth of a unit.

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