Lifehack: Study tips to learn on the go

Studying can sometimes be seen as a very daunting task. Why not make the most of the time you spend studying, so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Think about the amount of down time you have in a week, weather it is waiting in line to pay for something, driving somewhere with your parents, sitting on the bus to school or hanging out with friends in the hallway. You are likely spending more time doing these things then you realize! You can easily turn that down time into preparing for your next math test, math exam or reviewing a previous math lecture before your next class.

Mobile responsive online learning

With StudyPug you can easily log into your account from your mobile device and access our tutoring videos with the click of a button. Our website is optimized for an amazing mobile experience for our users. Access the StudyPug portal from your iPhone, iPad or Android Phone or Tablet.

Features of StudyPug on mobile

  • Similar to the desktop version, you can quickly select the topic you are looking to learn and start learning right from your mobile device, wherever you are.
  • Our video lessons are designed to be high contrast with an active display, so unlike blackboard of whiteboard videos, our lessons are optimized to show up well on small screens.
  • Our sound output is optimized to be clear when wearing headphones or hooked up to computer speakers.
  • Our videos are short in length, so it won’t chew up your data plan with large downloads of lessons.

Turn your down time into study time with StudyPug

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