Top 50 Educational Websites for High School Students

With the Internet and mobile technology available today, there is almost nothing that can prevent a high school student from achieving academic excellence, except perhaps his/her own motivation and discipline.

Nowadays, when you are having difficulty with understanding a concept or solving a problem in your homework, you can just look at some websites with the relevant information.

This means you are able to learn at a faster and more productive pace than in previous pre-Internet generations, which is definitely a good thing.

Whether you go to school or are homeschooled, these 50 websites are definitely worth checking out if you want to expand your horizons and gain some additional advantage in your academics. As many would say, every bit counts.

1. TED-Ed

Category: Multiple Subjects

Extensive library of curated animated videos on different subjects, narrated by world-renowned educators for lessons that you can customize to learn what you want to learn.


2. EdX

Category: Multiple Subjects

One of the best educational websites with courses on different topics from the world’s best universities specifically designed for interactive study online.


3. Big Think

Category: Multiple Subjects

Massive library of video interviews with over 600 thought leaders from a wide variety of fields. This is best for those who want to be inspired while figuring out what they want to get into.


4. Coursera





Category: Multiple Subjects

Affiliated with top universities and academic organizations around the world, offering classes with lectures taught by world-class professors.


5. Khan Academy

Category: Multiple Subjects

Similar to Coursera, offering self-paced learning through their extensive video library and interactive assessments and challenges for supplementary learning.


6. Open Culture


Category: Multiple Subjects

One of the best free cultural and educational media available online, boasting a huge library of resources through their free and open platform.

Also includes certificate courses and massive open online courses from top universities.


7. Howcast

Category: DIY

Professional and user-generated how-to video guides on a multitude of interests for any sort of DIY project.


8. Instructables

Category: DIY

Similar to Howcast, but with more user-generated and rated content. Step-by-step DIY guides on various fields of interest with images and illustrations.


9. Brightstorm

Category: Math

Free math lessons through short-form online video lessons with professional educators to help make sense of complicated math concepts and solutions.


10. Academic Earth

Category: Multiple Subjects

Lets you sift through free online courses from top universities easily with an enhanced search function that lets you choose both the topic and level.


11. Crash Course

Category: Multiple Subjects

Educational video series by Vlog Brothers and Nerdfighters Hank Green and John Green, as well as other experts, teaching different subjects in a casual and lighthearted manner with well-animated visuals.


12. Newsela

Category: English, Reading

Improve your reading comprehension and retention by reading daily news. Each article comes with 5 reading levels, with both archived and new daily articles along with quizzes to help you get better at reading.


13. Simple English Wikipedia

Category: Multiple Subjects

It’s Wikipedia, but in language that just about anyone can understand, explaining complicated terminology with easy-to-understand descriptions that can make sense of even the most complex topics.


14. Haiku Deck



Category: Utility

Lets you create beautiful image-focused presentations on your browser or on your tablet. You may then share, embed, and view through any web-enabled device. Great for when you have to give a report.


15. EDpuzzle

Category: Social

Ask questions through video or audio, as well as track views and answers. Available in most web-enabled devices.


16. Moovly

Category: Utility

Create animated presentations from either its libraries or your own creation. You can then share via YouTube, Facebook, or direct download. It is a quality platform for encouraging creativity and critical thinking in students.


17. The RSA

Category: Multiple Subjects

Similar to Ted-ED with animated videos on various subjects, made from talks by experts in their fields.


18. Fight Mediocrity

Category: Books

Similar to Ted-ED and The RSA, but with animated reviews of non-fiction books explaining their main concepts and ideas.


19. Science NetLinks

Category: Science

A premiere K-12 science education resource by the American Association for the Advancement of Science with teaching tools, interactive programs, podcasts, and hands-on activities.



Category: English

Dedicated to helping students improve their English vocabulary with over 40,000 multiple choice questions with difficulty that constantly adjusts to their current progress.


21. Quora

Category: Social

A social platform where you can ask questions and have other users answer. The best answers can then be upvoted in order to float to the top of the page.


22. Game Corp



Category: Game

Business management game for teaching high school and college students how to run a business, from managing day-to-day operations to coming up with strategies. Players control a game development company that must be kept afloat and somehow turn in profit.


23. Chemikul

Category: Game

Online chemistry game wherein players create molecules using the atoms on the screen. Helps students learn how atoms combine to create molecules through understanding valence.


24. Shift 2

Category: Game

Puzzle game that stretches analytical thinking skills to the limit, making students solve puzzles and riddles to earn trophies and complete challenges. Players must unlock the door to proceed to the next level without getting hit by spikes.

25. Arm Surgery 2

Category: Game

Medical game for children that shows how doctors and nurses work by making them treat patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.


26. Rolling Fall

Category: Game

Physics-based puzzle game revolving around a wrecking ball that must be detached from its chains at the right time in order to knock the zombies from where they are standing.


27. ThingLink for Education

Category: Interactive

Interactive images for developing new skills; also lets you turn video into conversation platform, add tags to images, embed and share, and so on.


28. Earth Rangers

Category: Ecology, Kids

Lets you be a part of the Kids Conservation Organization and learn about the environment, why conservation is important, and how to play your part.


29. Smithsonian Education

Category: Multiple Subjects

Massive website catalog of the world-famous Smithsonian Institute, tackling art, science, nature, history, culture, people, and places.



Category: Science, Math

Designed to teach science and math in an out-of-classroom setting. Has an enhanced search feature, as well as an app and links to 10 PBS Kids Science shows.



Category: K-12

Programs developed by professionals specifically for K-12 classrooms.


32. Math TV

Category: Math

Online video math lessons by professionals, from basic arithmetic to differential and integral calculus.


33. MIT Open CourseWare



Category: Multiple Subjects

Lectures and course materials for students, teachers, and autodidacts from the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


34. MIT Video

Category: Multiple Subjects

Video arm of MIT Open CourseWare, with a guide to over 11,000 MIT videos and lectures.


35. NeoK12

Category: K-12

Online aggregator of high-quality educational videos fit for K-12 students.


36. ResearchChannel

Category: Multiple Subjects

Over 3,500 densely-informative videos from distinguished researchers and scholars to fuel your academic passion.


37. PBS

Category: Multiple Subjects

The Public Broadcasting Service also has a YouTube channel that is actually pretty good, providing educational video content for all ages, from kids to anyone else who is interested in learning. Includes PBS programs such as NOVA and Frontline.


38. SchoolTube

Category: K-12

Video sharing platform for schools, letting students create original content for the purposes of both instruction and sharing the learning experience.


39. SchoolsWorld

Category: Teaching

High-quality videos and resources made for the development of educators.


40. SnagFilms

Category: Multiple Subjects

Massive library of free full-length documentary films for


41. TeacherTube

Category: Aggregator

Online aggregator of educational videos for all ages.


42. WatchKnowLearn

Category: Aggregator

Online aggregator for educational videos, compiled from all over the Internet and curated for your convenience.


43. WonderHowTo

Category: DIY

Free search engine and directory for how-to videos on different subjects.


44. Open Yale Courses

Category: Multiple Subjects

Online learning platform by Yale University with a selection of free introductory Yale courses, perfect for those who are preparing for college.


45. YouTube EDU

Category: Multiple Subjects

YouTube’s educational video platform open to educators, content creators, and viewers, featuring lectures from over a hundred colleges and universities.


46. BrainPOP


Category: Subscription-based

Subscription-based provider of original animated educational videos of all sorts.


47. Cosmeo

Category: Subscription-based

Compilation of over 30,000 video segments from Discovery Education. Also requires subscription.


48. Futures Channel

Category: K-12

Great multimedia content that works well in classrooms everywhere.


49. CosmoLearning


Category: Aggregator

Online aggregator of free online video lessons and documentaries.


50. iTunes U


Category: Multiple Subjects

One of the most underrated parts of Apple iTunes. Contains free lectures, langauge lessons, audiobooks, educational podcasts, and more.