Develop Your Future with Academic Consulting

Academics is becoming increasingly more competitive. The minimum requirements that your parents had to enter university have likely increased tenfold in contemporary times. This is because of increased accessibility to education and other resources that allow students to succeed, from personalized tutoring, preparation courses, after school programs, and most importantly, academic consulting.

Experts recommend students start preparing for university by the sixth grade. Can you imagine knowing where to go to school for post-secondary when you haven’t even reached high school yet? The majority of students don’t even know what they want to study at that point! However, some may already know, either from parental influence or wanting to pursue their own ambitions. And if you know that you want to study from the best, you’ll have to start preparing early. That’s where academic consulting comes in.

An academic consultant is someone who works with students, parents, and schools to improve educational experiences, facilities, and outcomes. This may involve creating new policies and procedures to streamline the process of obtaining financial aid or counseling students about educational and career goals. Academic consulting can begin as early as elementary school, and in order for it to be effective, try not to want until your last year of high school to start planning. The earlier, the better!

Here are some areas that academic consulting can help you and your child achieve their goals.

#1. Conducting aptitude tests to establish short-term and long-term goals

An academic consultant looks at all aspects of your child’s education – from extracurriculars, study habits, participation in class, and their grades. If your child is falling behind in certain subjects, a consultant can recommend personalized tutoring or studying strategies to help your child improve. If your child lacks extracurriculars, a consultant will consider their interests and suggest clubs, teams, or other organizations to join. 

Through regular testing, a consultant will stay on top of your child’s progress and adjust these goals accordingly.

#2. Outlining plans for academic and career goals

An academic consultant can help you and your child plan a roadmap through different levels of education to reach the final career goal. This can start from elementary school or middle school, extend through high school and university, and may include post-university programs or even higher education. 

A consultant can outline the minimum requirements needed to achieve your child’s desired career, which your child will need to maintain, along with extracurricular activities and other supplementary examinations. Rather than planning these milestones on your own, a consultant can help you with this and connect you to tutors, advisors, or organizations to help your child.

#3. Coaching students in relevant work and interview skills

You can be rest assured that your child will have the necessary skills prepared for interviews and work success with an academic consultant. Not only are interview skills essential for securing jobs, but also for scholarships and entering prestigious programs. An academic consultant will prepare students for common interview questions and scenarios by helping them brainstorm answers and run mock interviews or demonstrate strategies to help keep them calm and collected.

Academic consultants can also provide career advice, such as tailoring resumes for certain fields of interest, how to dress, and what to expect in the field. Consultants may also suggest recommended career paths based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

#4. Advising for applications

Perhaps the most valuable service that academic consultants offer is advising for applications, whether that be for private school, college, university, or any other prestigious program with limited enrollment. It can be difficult for students to write their applications in a unique way that best reflects their personality and interests, especially when an admissions officer has to read hundreds of applications daily. With academic consulting, your child’s application will stand out through unique storytelling and strong writing.

A strong application is what allows students to move from being a prospective student to an accepted student. If your child isn’t confident in their ability to craft a strong application, this is where an academic consultant can help.

#5. Providing regular check-ins and ensuring your child stays on track

When you match up with an academic consultant, you aren’t only with them for one session – you are paired with them for the rest of your child’s academic journey. This can span across years, if starting early, or months, if sprinting through senior year to secure acceptances and scholarships. It is an academic consultant’s responsibility to stay updated on their students and adjust their progress as needed. 

This also means that you’ll have frequent access to an experienced individual who understands college admissions, academic planning, and career building to help answer any questions you may have. An academic consultant can help simplify enrolling in post-university and streamline future career goals.

It goes without saying that academic consultants aren’t cheap, but their services are invaluable. If you’re dedicated to helping your child succeed, why not start them early with a roadmap for the future?

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