Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Every single day is a constant struggle over maintaining one’s mental faculties. There are some days when we think we’re not at our best mentally for some reason, forgetting details and having lapses of concentration.

It’s quite normal, and there are ways to improve on one’s memory and metal capacity. Since the brain is the most important part of the body, there are major reasons to take good care of it. By taking measures in boosting your memory, you take care of the rest of your brain as well.

Being healthy isn’t just about taking care of the body, but of the mind as well. The body follows the mind, and being able to remember things is a big part of mental function. If you’re interested in learning how to do so, here are 10 great ways to boost one’s memory and mental capacity.

Use mnemonic devices

It’s one of those shortcuts that people tend to put up when it comes to memorizing anything (which include methods such as use of acronyms, rhymes, imagery, chunking and organizing information, as well as the method of loci).

However, mnemonic devices are more than just a cheap trick to get something to stick in your head, but something that you can do regularly to boost your memory.

Actively remove distractions and strive to focus

Your memory is like a muscle, and not using it regularly means that it starts to degrade and not be as useful when you actually need it.

In order to use your memory at full capacity, you must be totally focused with whatever you are doing. This includes removing distractions since they can impede your capacity to remember details.

Make use of your tools

If you’re finding it hard to remember things, then don’t make it hard for yourself and use tools to record what you have to remember. Some people may say that doing this makes you less capable of remembering on your own, but that’s just old people talk.

By making good use of tools like pen and paper or your mobile phone, you actually engage your memory more as the act of recording it is in itself a good way to remember things in the first place.

Stimulate your brain

Doing activities that keep the brain active even in your spare time helps with maintaining and even improving one’s mental faculties, and thus helps with memory.

There are even studies that show how this can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, so it can certainly help with your memory if it can even stave off its biggest antagonist.

Eat food that’s good for the brain

You are what you eat, as a lot of people would say. Therefore, if you eat food that’s good for the brain, then that would definitely boost your memory.

Oily fish are great for the brain due to containing the essential fats that are also good for your heart and the rest of your body.

Get regular exercise

It’s not just about mental exercise, but physical as well. When you don’t do regular physical activity, it’s common to feel lethargic and slow, so it’s safe to say that not feeling 100% in body also affects the mind.

Having a regular exercise routine that you do consistently can help with your brain function, and thus your memory.

Get ample sleep

This is almost a no-brainer since sleep is primarily rest for the brain. Lack of sleep can become a big problem for brain function and memory due to the nature of sleep deprivation and how it can reduce your capacity across the board.

There’s no other way around it; if you need to wake up early, then you’ll have to sacrifice those late nights and get some much-needed sleep. Your mind and body will thank you for it, and your memory will work better as well.

Find ways to laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and it’s great for maintaining brain health and improving memory mostly due to stress relief. Since stress is the number one deterrent to brain health, then it is natural that anything that alleviates stress should be good for the brain.

Laughing helps the brain release seratonin, which is sometimes called the happy hormone that can make you feel better and

Maintain healthy relationships

As mentioned in the previous item, stress is quite bad for the brain. Having unhealthy relationships is something that will always hang over your head like the sword of Damocles.

You’ll never be able to truly rest and relax while you’re locked in a bad relationship, so you must either break off or improve your relationships. But if you are into good relationships, then you should keep it that way as best as you can through various means.

Learn to meditate

This sounds rather new age and some may even think that it’s not necessarily true. Perhaps it’s true that many people go on with their lives without having learned meditation at all, but those who have are arguably better with their memory and brain function, as well as their health and overall well-being, due to being able to sit down, still the mind, and meditate.