Applications of integer operations

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  1. Solving Problems Involving Multiple Integer Operations
    1. (-45)÷(+15)-(-8)×(-2)
    2. (+3)-(+8)÷(+4)×(-9)
    3. (+6)×[(+20)-(-3)]+(+1)
    4. (-6)+(-60)÷(-4)-(+12)×(-3)
  2. Applications of Integer Operations – Word Problems
    Paul went to a furniture store with his friend and had $1000 in cash in his wallet. When paying for 6 pieces of furniture, he did not have enough money and borrowed $410 from his friend. What is the average price of the furniture he bought?
    1. A car manufacture makes 80 cars per week. They sell 35 cars to buyers from Europe, 20 cars to those from Asia, and 25 cars to local buyers.
      1. How many cars are sold to other countries in 6 weeks by this manufacture?
      2. How many more cars are sold overseas than locally in 10 weeks?
      3. The manufacture now wants to expand their business and make 4940 cars each year. How many more cars do they need to make each week?
        (Hint: There are 52 weeks in a year.)
    2. Vivian owed $482 on her credit card. She made a $136 payment and then bought $42 worth of groceries. What is the overall balanced on her credit card now?
      1. Maggie's dad promised that he would double the amount of money she has in her piggybank. If Maggie counted 18 quarters, 6 dimes and 13 nickels in her piggybank, how much does her dad have to pay her?