Understanding integer multiplication

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  1. Introduction to integer multiplication
  1. Write the multiplication statement for each diagram.

    1. Understanding integer multiplication with diagrams

    2. Write multiplication statement of integer multiplication expressed in diagram

    3. Representing integer multiplication in integer chips
  2. Solve.
    1. (+2)×(+5)
    2. (-4)×(+6)
    3. (+7)×(+3)
    4. (-2)×(-9)
  3. Dave can do 15 sit-ups in one minute. How many sit-ups can he do in 8 minutes?
    1. A building has 8 stories above ground and 4 stories below ground. Each story has a height of 5m.
      1. What is the total height of the building above ground?
      2. What is the total depth of the building below ground?
    2. Mary spends $30 per week on meals for a year. Sally spends $125 per month on meals for a year. Who spends more money on meal, and by what amount?