Multiplying integers

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  1. Understanding Multiplication Using a Number Line
    Write the multiplication statement for each number line.

    1. integer multiplication on number line

    2. Multiplying integers using number lines
  2. Multiplication of 1-digit Integers
    Use a number line to find the product.
    1. (+4) × (+4)
    2. (+3) × (-8)
    3. (-6) × (-2)
  3. Multiplication of 2-digit Integers
    Estimate. Then calculate.
    1. (+18) × (-33)
    2. (-21) × (+46)
    3. (-37) × (-19)
  4. Multiplication of Integers With Different Digits
    Solve the following expressions.
    1. (+36) × (-5)
    2. (-86) × 0
    3. (+167) × (+54)
    4. (-245) × (-119)
  5. Leo has to read 15 books during the school year. If each book has 334 pages, how many pages in total does Leo have to read?
    1. Annie had 50 ml of yogurt every morning for the last 7 days. If there is 650 ml of yogurt left in the case, how much yogurt was there 7 days ago?
      Topic Notes
      Continue from the previous section, we will practice more on multiplication of positive and negative integers. We will look at questions involving multiplying integers and number lines. In addition, we will learn how to estimate double digit integer multiplication.
      • Any number multiplied by 0 will equal to 0