StudyPug Customer Testimonials

  • Meghan W. – customer testimonial photo
    Meghan student

    I had trouble when I went from high school to university level math courses. A guy in my dorm told me about Study Pug. I like it because it's affordable, and Dennis, the main tutor, makes it simple.

  • Carson E. – customer testimonial photo
    Carson E.parent

    When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

  • Jason G. – customer testimonial photo
    Jason G.high school senior

    This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

  • Ivan S. – customer testimonial photo
    Ivan S.private math tutor

    I tell my students to use Study Pug as a study companion when I'm not there to help.

  • Edward B. – customer testimonial photo
    Edward B.physics major

    A guy on my floor had Study Pug and when I saw it I signed up that night... it's saved me hours and hours of time.

  • Jon L. – customer testimonial photo
    Jon L.high school student

    I use it [Study Pug] every day.

  • Aaron M. – customer testimonial photo
    Aaron M.high school student

    I get a whole library of videos that covers everything from basic to complex mathematics for a very low monthly price. Excellent videos, easy-to-understand and most of all they work. My math test results are 10 points higher than last semester.

  • Sharon B. – customer testimonial photo
    Sharon B.math teacher

    I recommend StudyPug because it makes complicated math easier by breaking it into step-by-step solutions that reflect our core textbooks.

  • B.H. – customer testimonial photo
    B.H.chemistry major

    I tried other online tutors and [they] were expensive. One didn't have videos on what I needed, and another never let me log on. Tech support was a total joke. My husband found Study Pug for me and I use it almost every day.

  • Frank – customer testimonial photo
    Frankno info available

    This site is great! Thanks.

  • Sandy – customer testimonial photo
    Sandyuniversity freshman

    When I look at the exercises at the end of each [math textbook] chapter it's confusing. I was one of the first to sign up. Now, all my friends use Study Pug for the cost of two lattes at the student union.

  • Vera G. – customer testimonial photo
    Vera G.mother of student

    We bought StudyPug for our son who was failing his math course even after getting one-on-one tutoring. StudyPug was always there for him and we're regular subscribers now.

  • John – customer testimonial photo
    JohnAmerican college student

    I go to school in California and I love StudyPug. All my friends use it once they see mine.

  • Michael M. – customer testimonial photo
    Michael M.home schooling parent

    Best online math tutor EVER!

  • T.T. – customer testimonial photo
    T.T.high school student

    I like that I can watch a StudyPug video any time and over and over. It's like having a dedicated teacher working with me until I understand the concept.

  • Dave – customer testimonial photo
    Davehigh school math teacher

    Another teacher in Toronto told me about StudyPug. I use it to prepare exams for my students ...great tool for creating lesson plans.

  • Zach A. – customer testimonial photo
    Zach A.high school student

    The StudyPug videos follow my textbook chapter by chapter. It's like having a dedicated teacher working with me.

  • Beth – customer testimonial photo
    Bethhigh school junior

    You are the best math help website I have ever used. I can find the topics I'm learning on your site easily. Your videos are so helpful too.

  • Anonymous – customer testimonial photo
    AnonymousJapanese student

    I attend university in Japan. StudyPug is the greatest help I have.

  • Lester H. – customer testimonial photo
    Lester H.Ph.D. candidate

    StudyPug is the best bucks I ever spent. Just DO IT!

  • Len H. – customer testimonial photo
    Len freshman

    I love your math tutor and how he makes it easy to understand the problems I have for math homework.

  • Bianca Escott – customer testimonial photo
    Bianca EscottGrade 10 student, Richmond Secondary, Richmond, BC

    StudyPug was my LIFE SAVER!! I almost failed my math provincials but StudyPug helped me pass. Math is getting a lot easier now and I like how a lot of the examples show up on my homework.

  • June MacPherson – customer testimonial photo
    June MacPhersonParent of a Grade 8 & Grade 10 Student, Brampton, ON

    It's frustrating to spend so much money on math tutors and not see your kid's marks improve. It is exactly opposite with you guys. Your price is very reasonable and my kid's marks have improved!

  • Marian Cote – customer testimonial photo
    Marian CoteHigh School Math Teacher, Canada

    Study Pug is a great supplementary resource for students to reinforce the math they learn in class at home. The video lessons allow an easy review on previous topics.

  • Diana Porter – customer testimonial photo
    Diana PorterHigh School Math Teacher, US

    StudyPug is a more interactive way of study math and offers students an easy access to stay on track in their math class.

  • Jennifer Julio – customer testimonial photo
    Jennifer JulioGrade 8 student, Leto High, Tampa, FL

    StudyPug covers all the topics I learn in my math class and I can always find the help I need so easily. My marks have improved a lot and I'm so happy:)

  • Nancy Sanders – customer testimonial photo
    Nancy SandersParent of Algebra student, US

    My child used to get confused a lot in math class before. Study Pug's math videos are concise and easy to understand. It's great that he feels more confident in math now.

  • Anne Johnson – customer testimonial photo
    Anne JohnsonGrade 11 math student, Saskatoon, SK

    My friend recommended your site to me. You explain my math class so well. I use you for my math homework help and studying for my math test.

  • Logan Ruiz – customer testimonial photo
    Logan RuizGrade 12 math student, Kelowna, BC

    Things are so different in pre-calculus 12. Courses get much harder all of a sudden specially Math. Good that I found you - otherwise, I would have failed my Math for sure! I really wish I found you guys earlier.

  • Mike Gagnon – customer testimonial photo
    Mike GagnonGrade 9 math student, Mississauga, ON

    Thanks StudyPug. I wish I knew about you earlier, like 3 years ago!

  • Owen Harris – customer testimonial photo
    Owen HarrisGrade 10 pre-calculus student, Centennial Secondary, Coquitlam, BC

    Dennis taught me personally in his classes. I love his teaching style. He took these classes before himself. So he knows where I am struggling, and will struggle! He always teaches ahead so when I understand tomorrow's math class.

  • Liam D. Butler – customer testimonial photo
    Liam D. ButlerAlgebra 2, San Diego, CA

    this site is pretty good, thanks man, you guys put some good stuff together here...

  • Fai Lang – customer testimonial photo
    Fai LangMath 8 student, Stuart Hall High, San Francisco, CA

    You guys can explain even the hardest questions clearly in a very short video. No more wasting time on looking at useless math videos on YouTube anymore, yay!

  • Frank Watson – customer testimonial photo
    Frank WatsonMath 8 student, Lake View High, Chicago, IL

    I use StudyPug for math homework because I can find all the things I need to know for my math class. You guys are so good because you would teach me the tricks on how to answer the tricky questions. My math has improved a lot and now my friends fight for my help with their math tests.

  • Yolanda Ortega – customer testimonial photo
    Yolanda OrtegaGeometry, Franklin High, Los Angles, CA

    StudyPug is so convenient. I can use you on my phone even when I study with my friends at school.

  • Sofia Cole – customer testimonial photo
    Sofia ColeGeometry, Hastings High, Houston, TX

    StudyPug makes geometry so easy! I had a hard time catching up with my class before I started using you guys. Your lessons are so easy to follow and understand. I can find my answers in no time. I have told all my friends about you, lol. Keep up with the good work guys!

  • Nancy Baker – customer testimonial photo
    Nancy BakerParent of geometry student, Cleveland, OH

    We needed something that was convenient and cost effective. StudyPug meets all our needs. My son just needs his laptop or iPad and he can study.

  • Sam Fisher – customer testimonial photo
    Sam FisherAlgebra 1, Cortez High, Phoenix, AZ

    I am a straight A student, I love math, and I think you guys are fantastic. I went through the entire course in a summer and was able to challenge the class when school started. Everything I want is here and I get to skip the stuff I already know.

  • Martha Stone – customer testimonial photo
    Martha StoneAlgebra 1, Parkway Northwest High, Philadelphia, PA

    I was studying for my quiz on linear functions and looking for math help online. Then, I found you StudyPug! I like how I can choose the questions I want to look at and don't need to watch the whole thing and find it's got nothing to do with my problems. I got a pretty good mark from the quiz. Good stuff! I will for sure continue to subscribe for you.

  • Rex Meyer – customer testimonial photo
    Rex MeyerAlgebra 1, Riverdale High, Portland, OR

    StudyPug is a great tool for busy students like me. I play basketball for my school. I spend so much time on training and matches. Free time for studying is limited and not regular. Your videos are concise and short. I can study on my phone when I have time in between training sessions.

  • Sergio Estrada – customer testimonial photo
    Sergio EstradaAlgebra 2, Wood High, Indianapolis, IN

    I'm taking Algebra 2, and I was doing okay. But then my friend told me about you guys saying it's an easy way to boost the math mark, so I tried. I am glad I did. I did very well in my last math test. Now I use your videos as a preview of my math class as well as for test prep.

  • Grieg Hughes – customer testimonial photo
    Grieg HughesAlgebra 2, Preston High, New York, NY

    Math is always hard for me. I had math tutors before but it didn't work out so well because they are all very busy and expensive. I tried StudyPug for your free trial and I knew I have finally found the solution. You have examples just like the ones in my Algebra exam and homework. I use you guys all the time for homework and exams.

  • Jasmine Knight – customer testimonial photo
    Jasmine KnightAlgebra 2, Littleton High, Denver, CO

    I like studying at my own pace, especially when studying for harder courses like Algebra 2, but it seems impossible. The 24/7 access to your lessons gives me the freedom to learn in my way. I don't have to wait for teachers at school to get help. I am now able to study at nights with my computer.

  • Nicola Henderson – customer testimonial photo
    Nicola HendersonPrecalculus, South Atlanta High, Atlanta, GA

    I usually stay up late at night before big exams. I get nervous when when I can't solve a question or two and no help is around! Now, when I need help preparing for exams, you are always available. It's just like a tutor on-demand :).

  • Juan Soto – customer testimonial photo
    Juan SotoPrecalculus, College student, Virginia Beach, VA

    I need calculus to fulfill my degree requirement, so I wanted to review my high school precalculus before I actually take the course in college. You guys are so much affordable and better than my other math tutors! You have covered everything I need to know before I spend the big bucks on the course!

  • Richard Bennett – customer testimonial photo
    Richard BennettPrecalculus, Sperry High, Tulsa, OK

    I like to do my things online. The same goes for studying. I feel more productive and motivated reading course material on computer screen. Your set-up is perfect for my preference. I can watch the videos to prepare for tests instead of reading textbooks. That's the best part of using StudyPug.

  • Cameron Sanchez – customer testimonial photo
    Cameron SanchezPre-algebra, Bartlett Junior High, Lowell, MA

    Classes at school are long and hard to follow for me. But using StudyPug to study is fun. Learning from videos just feels like watching youtube. It's what I do every day on my computer. It is so much more interesting than reading textbook.

  • Sabrina Morrison – customer testimonial photo
    Sabrina MorrisonPre-algebra, Eddy Middle, Columbus, GA

    The stuff on StudyPug is complete and to the point. When I study, all I need is to log-on and watch videos. You guys work really well with my iPhone, so I can watch the videos anywhere. I can learn in my own way. Thanks guys!

  • Hannah Lewis – customer testimonial photo
    Hannah LewisPre-algebra, Jefferson Middle, Pittsburgh, PA

    I love StudyPug. It's like always having my own tutor at home. He can answer my questions anytime. I feel more confident about my math now. My mom is happy too because she doesn't have to drive me to tutoring class.

  • Claudia Marshall – customer testimonial photo
    Claudia MarshallCollege algebra, Delta State University

    As a student on a tight budget, you guys are just amazing. It gives me a chance to get math help from quality tutors at a good price. I also love your video collection because it covers everything and it is very accessible. I can't prepare for my math exams without you.

  • Trevor McDanile – customer testimonial photo
    Trevor McDanileCollege algebra, University of Louisville

    You are such a great tool for exam preparations. I can not only find answers for the most difficult questions, but I can also revisit all the fundamentals from lower grades. Looking up all those on textbooks is just too time consuming, but it's just a few clicks on StudyPug.

  • Yuri Matsumoto – customer testimonial photo
    Yuri MatsumotoCollege algebra, University of North Florida

    My class and work schedule makes it difficult for me to get a regular tutor. StudyPug allows me to study whenever I want. The flexibility helps me big time because I can handle work without missing a bit on studying.

  • Alysha Wallace – customer testimonial photo
    Alysha WallaceMother of trigonometry student, Billings, MT

    Originally, I prefer taking my son to tutoring center than learning online at home. However, my work schedule doesn't allow me to do so. So, I took the chance and joined StudyPug. Your videos are surprisingly good. My son told me that you guys are really helpful for his study, and his grades are really improving. I am glad that I have made the right choice.

  • David Coleman – customer testimonial photo
    David ColemanTrigonometry, Prairie High, Cedar Rapids, IA

    It is always hard for top students like me to improve grades. I'm surprised that your help is able to pull my grade up even higher. I like the tips and tricks that you provide because they are not something teachers will teach at school. That gives me an edge over other students in exams and tests.

  • Luisa Carrillo – customer testimonial photo
    Luisa CarrilloTrigonometry, Campbell High, Manchester, NH

    Concepts in trigonometry are tough to understand. The problem got worse as more and more questions built up. However, you are making things easy to learn. It was lucky for me to join you guys early in the term. Otherwise, I would have more problems with my study and would be hard to catch up later.

  • Charlotte McKenzie – customer testimonial photo
    Charlotte McKenzieGrade 8, Highlands, Edmonton, AB

    Math was fun for me before I started to learn linear equations. I was so stuck. Thank god I found you StudyPug! I just could not believe linear relation can be this easy. I'm sure I couldn't have passed my test without you guys. Oh, and I think your videos look awesome on my cell and tablet too!

  • Richard Taylor – customer testimonial photo
    Richard TaylorGrade 8, Montclam, London, ON

    I like StudyPug because your lessons are short and so easy to understand. Your website is just like my textbook. It is easy to find the chapters of my textbook on your website. I use you whenever I don't know how to do my math homework. You saved me a lot of time looking around for help. Thanks!

  • Olivia Wilson – customer testimonial photo
    Olivia WilsonGrade 8, Lester B. Pearson, Hamilton, ON

    You are the best math help website I have ever used. I can find the topics I'm learning on your site easily. Your videos are so helpful too. If I missed something in class or I don't understand, I will just go to StudyPug to look for help. Math class isn't that scary anymore!

  • Vera Volkov – customer testimonial photo
    Vera VolkovParent of a grade 9 student, Vaughan Secondary, Toronto, ON

    My husband and I do not know about the education in Canada so well. We looked for math tutors for our daughter but they are so expensive, and we don't know if they are good. You offer excellent math help for a very affordable price. My daughter always watches the videos whenever she has any math questions. Now she can even teach her friends math at school too.

  • Sarah J. Kim – customer testimonial photo
    Sarah J. KimGrade 9 math student, Notre Dame, Calgary, AB

    thanks Dennis, math is not so hard now. I don't think that was possible before I started using you. Before the year started, math was my most hated class. I don't understand a word my math teacher was saying! After signing up, I finally start understanding some stuff.. thanks and god bless.

  • Peter Jenkins – customer testimonial photo
    Peter JenkinsGrade 9 math honors, Burnaby South, Burnaby, BC

    I do really well in math – but our honours class is very competitive. You are my secret weapon! I like how we can study ahead with your class!

  • Marisol Clarke – customer testimonial photo
    Marisol ClarkeGrade 10 student, Alpha Secondary, Burnaby, BC.

    I never do well in my math class and I was very nervous about the math 10 provincial exam I had to take in June. My mom found StudyPug for me while I was preparing for the exam and looking for help online. I like StudyPug because you guys are so much interactive than others. I can actually look at the questions first then only watch the videos I need help with. It took me no time to finish all the reviews :)

  • Luis Murray – customer testimonial photo
    Luis MurrayGrade 11 math student, West Credit Secondary, Mississauga, ON

    I wish I had used you guys earlier... I always asked my straight A friend for math help and he told me about StudyPug. Now I know why math is so easy for him! I literally watched all your grade 11 videos because I don't want to miss any of Dennis tips on how to do math faster. I am so confident at my math now!

  • Jan Robinson – customer testimonial photo
    Jan RobinsonGrade 11 math student, Gladstone Secondary, Vancouver, BC.

    I was always warned by my cousin that grade 11 math is gonna be so much harder than grade 10. He was right! I got stuck soon after I got into grade 11. Lucky me that I found StudyPug! After watching your videos and lessons, quadratic equations and functions make so much sense to me now. I would have failed my midterm without you!

  • Kate Anderson – customer testimonial photo
    Kate AndersonMath 11 student, Birchmount Park CI, Scarborough, ON.

    Senior high school math got hard quickly for me. Your lessons gave me more time to practice my grade 11 math questions before big exams. I don't have problems in everything, but its good to know that when I have a question, I can find my answers with you!

  • Terry Anderson – customer testimonial photo
    Terry AndersonGrade 12 math student, Hill Park Secondary, Hamilton, ON

    I thought I was very good at math until I started taking MHF4U. Those hard-to-understand concepts, like log and trig, were my worst nightmares. Dennis explains even the hardest things so well and right to the point. He always shows the easiest and fastest ways to tackle a difficult question. My math marks improved a lot because of you Dennis!

  • Cathy Aquino – customer testimonial photo
    Cathy AquinoGrade 12 math student, Britannia School, Edmonton, AB

    I was thinking about applying for 2 of the Ivy League schools in the States, so I had to ace my Math 30-1. Your site is such a great resource that supplements things that my math teacher missed in class. I also use StudyPug to get a head start so that I can have more time to work on my other subjects rather than spending nights and days on getting the math homework done.

  • Ellen Nelson – customer testimonial photo
    Ellen NelsonCalculus, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

    I have been using StudyPug since high school and everything went smoothly. I love StudyPug and that is why I keep using you even in my first year in college. I was a straight A student in high school, and still am in my Calculus class. I would recommend you to students who need math help.

  • Sandra Hernandez – customer testimonial photo
    Sandra HernandezCalculus, York University, Toronto, ON

    I used to do well in Math in high school, but it is a totally different story right now. Calculus is so much harder than anything I have ever learned. I really wish I saw StudyPug earlier so I didn't have to suffer so much. With Dennis' help I can finish my assignments so much quicker than before. Thanks Dennis!

  • Kenneth Evans – customer testimonial photo
    Kenneth EvansCalculus, University of New Orleans, LA

    So much stress in my first year of college…specially calculus was the worst of all. Thank god I have found StudyPug. Dennis explained the topics so well that going to school lecture almost seem like a waste of time. I literally learned everything from Dennis. I wouldn't survive in the Calculus class without StudyPug.

  • Catherine Martinez – customer testimonial photo
    Catherine MartinezBasic Algebra, The Seton Keough High, Halethorpe, MD

    I am generally good at math, but I get stuck sometimes when I do the homework. But I don't need a tutor and I don't want to wait until I see my math teacher the next day. I need something that can let me understand the questions fast. Your videos are just all I need!

  • Samantha Gauthier – customer testimonial photo
    Samantha GauthierBasic Algebra, Cleveland High, Seattle, WA

    I always like to study ahead but it's really hard to do that just by myself. So my dad told me to try you guys out. Studying ahead is so easy with StudyPug because I can choose the things I want to learn and skip those I already know. I will for sure keep using you guys.

  • Gary Butler – customer testimonial photo
    Gary ButlerBasic Algebra, Markham District High, Markham, ON

    It is so much better to watch videos than reading examples in textbook. StudyPug is just like my algebra textbook but with sounds and images. I can watch the videos and learn for the whole afternoon without falling asleep. My math marks got a lot better!

  • Leona Bailey – customer testimonial photo
    Leona BaileyYear 11 maths student, Surrey, UK

    I am a fast learner and I am able to grasp maths concepts taught in class quickly. However, my teacher always teaches slowly to accommodate my classmates, which is boring. Also, GCSE is coming up soon and I don't want to waste any more time. With Study Pug, I can learn new topics prior to class and stay ahead. Studying maths is fun and efficient here!

  • Phoebe Cooper – customer testimonial photo
    Phoebe CooperParent of Year 9 student, London, UK

    My boy needs help on his maths class, but I can't send him to tutoring school. I'm glad I found StudyPug for him. They cover all the topics that we are looking for with in-depth but concise teaching videos on different topics. They also have a lot of maths practice questions available. I don't even need to get him extra exercises.

  • Elsie Stewart – customer testimonial photo
    Elsie StewartSixth form maths student, Bournemouth, UK

    StudyPug allows me to learn maths with ease at any time. You are a great study partner for my GCE studies. Thank you so much!

  • Millie Lawson – customer testimonial photo
    Millie LawsonYear 7 maths student, Birmingham, UK

    Maths was hard for me. Luckily I got StudyPug. When I don't understand the maths taught in class, I am able to watch the video lessons in StudyPug as many times as I want. Besides, the practice questions are very useful for preparing my exams.

  • Darren O'Brien – customer testimonial photo
    Darren O'BrienSecondary school maths teacher

    I use StudyPug to help me on class preparation because the content here is closely aligned with the school's maths curriculum. I can easily look for and pull resources from here for my maths class planning. In addition, the video lessons always contain tricks to solve questions which are worth sharing with my students.

  • Leah Doyle – customer testimonial photo
    Leah DoyleFirst year maths student, Dundalk, Ireland

    I love maths, but not so much learning it in classroom because I want more control of my study. It became possible when I joined StudyPug. It gives me unlimited access to maths lessons on maths topics that I need to learn. I can learn and practice whenever I want at my own pace.

  • Rachel McCarthy – customer testimonial photo
    Rachel McCarthyThird year maths student, Cork, Ireland

    I was struggling with my study for Junior Cert maths, and so I went online for help. However, most of the maths websites aren't really helpful. And then, I found Study Pug. I can find everything I need for Junior Cert and more. Now, I am using StudyPug to study and prepare for all my maths quizzes and exams.

  • Ruby O'Hora – customer testimonial photo
    Ruby O'HoraSixth year maths student, Dublin, Ireland

    Thank you StudyPug! It used to take me a long time to finish my maths homework and study. More often than not, the tests and homework were more difficult than I could handle on my own. So, I almost gave up on my Leaving Cert. However, maths became all easy and my grades went up A LOT after I started studying with StudyPug. I wish I knew your site earlier so I didn't have to suffer so much before!

  • Sarah Jones – customer testimonial photo
    Sarah JonesYear 7 maths student, Wollongong, Australia

    Recently, one of my classmates had her maths marks improved quite significantly. I was curious about this and so I couldn't help asking her what happened. She told me about StudyPug. Once I joined, I saw some great maths videos which explain maths questions very well, along with many practice questions. Now, my classmate and I are the two best maths students in class.

  • Sadie Martin – customer testimonial photo
    Sadie MartinYear 11 maths student, Adelaide, South Australia (SA), Australia

    Long maths class in school doesn't suit my learning style. Short and concise lesson is much better. That's why StudyPug works for me. It also covers everything that I need to know for my maths class and homework. It saves me from the trouble searching for help on the Internet.

  • Emma Duncan – customer testimonial photo
    Emma DuncanYear 12 maths students, Sydney, Australia

    Teachers at Study Pug make difficult maths questions easy! Their explanations of confusing concepts are clean and simple. Some of their tips for exams are one of a kind, which already helped me get good marks on a few quizzes and exams. I am not anxious about the HSC at all because when I have a maths problem, StudyPug has the maths answers. It makes my life easier!

  • Holly Palmer – customer testimonial photo
    Holly PalmerParent of year 6 & year 8 students, Townsville, Australia

    I am homeschooling my kids. Sometimes, it is difficult to get quality teaching materials for maths. Clean, step-by-step explanations for concepts and questions are even harder to come by. I am amazed that StudyPug can provide both of them for different grades. My older son was ranked band 8 in NAPLAN last year with StudyPug's help!

  • Karen Thomson – customer testimonial photo
    Karen ThomsonSecondary school maths teacher, Tauranga, New Zealand

    I always look for good learning resources for my students. Among all the maths resources, StudyPug is definitely one of the standouts. The maths lessons are great supplement for my teaching in class. The practice questions for each lesson also help my students solidify the concept s that they learn from maths class.

  • Oliver Ward – customer testimonial photo
    Oliver WardYear 12 maths student, Auckland, New Zealand

    I had a hard time preparing for the NCEA Level 1 maths exam because I was stuck with way too many maths concepts that I didn't understand. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about Study Pug. With its short and simple videos, I was able to clear up all the misunderstanding on concepts and questions quickly. StudyPug will surely be with me for all my maths exam prep!

  • Isla Brown – customer testimonial photo
    Isla BrownYear 7 maths student, Hamilton, New Zealand

    Maths is my weakest subject and I am always looking for help. One day, I came across StudyPug online and after I tried out the free maths lessons, I really liked it and signed up right away. Your lessons are very easy to understand even on some of the toughest questions. That's the maths help I have been looking for.

  • Sandy Collins – customer testimonial photo
    Sandy CollinsYear 13 maths student, Dunedin, New Zealand

    I thought I wouldn't have enough time to get ready for the NCEA Level 2 maths exam because I had too many questions about all the maths covered in the exam. But StudyPug is available 24/7. For things that it took my school to teach in two weeks, your videos did it in minutes! I was able to clear up all my confusions quickly. I will surely continue to use StudyPug to prepare for my level 3 exam!

  • Joanne Tan – customer testimonial photo
    Joanne TanParent of primary 6 & Secondary 2 students, Serangoon, Singapore

    My children are doing everything possible on their computers and phones. They don't seem to be interested in picking up maths textbooks to study anymore. Now with StudyPug, they can do maths with the new technology that they are most comfortable with. I am happy that they start studying on their own!

  • Lesley Oei – customer testimonial photo
    Lesley OeiSecondary 3 maths student, Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

    My school is amazing and my maths marks are great, but I want to be better. Now, I can achieve that with StudyPug maths help. The study plan in StudyPug guides my way through various topics so that I can always stay ahead in my class. Your tricks and tips also help me do better in tests. With StudyPug, I am super confident I will get an A in my O-level maths exam next year!

  • Yvonne Ong – customer testimonial photo
    Yvonne OngSecondary 2 maths student, Tampines, Singapore

    I like the extensive coverage of maths topics in StudyPug. I am more impressed by their effort to constantly update their site with more contents. I always find new maths videos and lessons. I even see new courses popping up from time to time.

  • Trishna Pillai – customer testimonial photo
    Trishna PillaiHigher 1 maths student, Woodlands, Singapore

    My maths teacher told me that I am not going to make it in the A-level exam because my marks at school were quite bad. So, I tried all types of maths help I could get, tutors, YouTube, test prep books. StudyPug is the best of all! The results were great and even my teacher was surprised. You are my study buddy for the A-level exam.