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  1. 1Limits & Continuity
    1. 1.1Finding limits from graphs
    2. 1.2Limit laws
    3. 1.3Finding limits algebraically - direct substitution
    4. 1.4Finding limits algebraically - when direct substitution is not possible
    5. 1.5Squeeze theorem
    6. 1.6l'Hospital's rule
    7. 1.7Infinite limits - vertical asymptotes
    8. 1.8Continuity
    9. 1.9Intermediate value theorem
  2. 2Derivatives
    1. 2.1Definition of derivative
    2. 2.2Estimating derivatives from a table
    3. 2.3Power rule
    4. 2.4Chain rule
    5. 2.5Derivative of trigonometric functions
    6. 2.6Derivative of exponential functions
    7. 2.7Derivative of logarithmic functions
    8. 2.8Product rule
    9. 2.9Quotient rule
    10. 2.10Derivative of inverse trigonometric functions
    11. 2.11Implicit differentiation
    12. 2.12Higher order derivatives
  3. 3Derivative Applications
    1. 3.1Slope and equation of tangent line
    2. 3.2Critical number and maximum and minimum values
    3. 3.3Curve sketching
    4. 3.4Mean value theorem
    5. 3.5Rectilinear motion: Derivative
    6. 3.6Related rates
    7. 3.7Optimization
  4. 4Integrals
    1. 4.1Antiderivatives
    2. 4.2Riemann sum
    3. 4.3Definite integral
    4. 4.4Fundamental theorem of calculus
  5. 5Integration techniques
    1. 5.1U-Substitution
    2. 5.2Integration using trigonometric identities
    3. 5.3Trigonometric substitution
  6. 6Integral Applications
    1. 6.1Average value of a function
    2. 6.2Areas between curves
    3. 6.3Volumes of solids with known cross-sections
    4. 6.4Volumes of solids of revolution - Disc method
    5. 6.5Volumes of solids of revolution - Shell method
  7. 7Differential Equations
    1. 7.1Introduction to differential equations
    2. 7.2Separable equations
    3. 7.3Modelling differential equations
    4. 7.4Slope fields
  • I'm studying for the AP Calculus AB exam by the College Board. Can your ap calc ab course help?

    Of course! Our ap calc ab help has all materials that you will be tested in the exam. Learn, practice and review with our online ap calculus tutoring here, and get better marks.

  • I want to get a head start on my upcoming AP calculus class, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to take Calculus AB or Calculus BC. What should I do?

    Don't worry. Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to all math help in all courses. So, you more than welcome to learn from both of our AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC courses.

  • What class should I take after AP Calculus AB?

    After mastering AP Calc AB, your follow up course should be Calculus 2. If you want to review some of the previous concepts you have learned before, you can check out Precalculus or College Algebra.

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