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Zero matrix

In this section, we will learn about zero matrices. Zero matrices are matrices where all the entries are zero. We see what happens if we add and subtract matrices with zero matrices. Then we will take a look some cases which involves multiplying a 0 scalar with matrix, and multiplying a scalar with a zero matrix. Lastly, we will answer some true or false questions that will help us understand the property of zero matrices.


A zero matrix is a matrix (usually called O) where all the entries are zero. For example,

different kinds of zero matrix

are all zero matrices.
  • 1.
    Adding, Subtracting and Scalar Multiplication of Zero Matrix
    Calculate the following:
  • 2.
    True or false?
    You are given a matrix Zero matrix and the zero matrix Zero matrix. Is the following true? If it is false, then fix the matrix equation.
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Zero matrix

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