Scalar multiplication - Matrices

Scalar multiplication

In this section, we will learn about scalars, and how we use them to multiplying a matrix. A scalar is a real number that can be multiplied to a matrix. To do this, we take the scalar and multiply it to each entry in the matrix. We will look at a few questions which scalar multiplication, and then we will look at matrix equations with repeated addition and subtraction. These matrix equations can be simplified with a scalar. Lastly, we will learn how to solve matrix equations with variables which deals with scalar multiplication.


Scalar is a real number which we can multiply to a matrix. For example, let

matrix to be multiplied with a scalar

We want to find what 2A is. Then what we do is:

scalar multiplication example

  • 1.
    Scalar multiplication
    You are given the following matrix
    Multiplying a matrix by a scalar

  • 2.
    Repeated addition and subtraction
    Solve the following without having to add or subtract repeatedly:
  • 3.
    Scalar Multiplication with Matrix equations
    Solve the following matrix equations:
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Scalar multiplication

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