Introduction to linear equations - Linear Equations

Introduction to linear equations

This is a lesson that teaches how to determine if an expression is a linear equation; and how to graph a linear equation.


Expression: A collection of numbers, variables, and signs, such as 3,3x+4,5x2+2,x3, 3, 3x+4, 5 x^2 + 2, \sqrt{x-3}, etc

Equations: A mathematical statement with an equal sign, such as y=2,y=3x2,y=x,x=3, y = 2, y = 3x-2, y = x, x = 3, etc

: Ax + By = C (A, B & C are constants; x & y are variables)
All linear equations are functions except a vertical line such as x = 3.
    • a)
      What is a linear equation?
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    Graph the linear equations:
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Introduction to linear equations

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